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Study Cards (Schulz)

Matthew Schulz's study cards

What countries water is polluted because they have no sanitization system? Afganistan
Where does the Euphrates River and the Tigris River start? Turkey
What is an aquifer? an underground layer of rock and sand that contains water
What is ground water? water below the surface that supplies wells and springs
What three countries does the Euphrates River flow through? Turkey, Syria, and Iraq
What country/countries built a dam in the Euphrates River and why? Turkey- because they needed the water for drinking, for hydroelectric power, and irrigation
Where is the Jordan River located? Israel
What does the acronym J.E.T. stand for? J-Jordan E-Euphrates T-Tigris
Which sea/seas and country/countries are the oil spills affecting The Black Sea, and it affects mainly Turkey
Israel has been in wars over the ______ River because it is their main water source Jordan
What country supplies 25% of the world's oil Saudi Arabia
true or false? In Saudi Arabia it was mostly nomadic until 1820 when the gold rush took place. False, the country was mostly nomadic until the 1960's when they discovered all of the oil under Saudi Arabia
Which two oil rich countries are the most populated because of the oil? Iran and Iraq
true or false? Saudi Arabia was a wealthy country before the oil discovery False, they were actually a poor country before all of the oil deposits
The population in Saudi Arabia is about ____ person per square mile one
true or false? Most of the Middle East's population is no longer following the traditional ways of life because of the oil? True
How has Turkey benifited from the oil reserves found in other countries? They act as a toll booth and tax countries getting the oil to Europe
There is an ________ ________ of oil in the Middle East unequal,distrubution
Geologists have recently discovered a small oil reserve in ________. Israel
true or false? The Middle East was not of almost any importance to the world until the 1930s when the oil was discovored True, the only real importance in the Middle East was near Israel because of The Bible
Created by: mathman2k



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