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Nadine review Questions

Federal agencies that control funeral home business licencing (CDC)center for disease Control and prevention( EPA)Environmental Protection Agency;(FTC)Federal Trade Commission; OSHA)Occupational safety and Health Administration
what is the purpose of the purpose of the law to protect society
the institution that control the disposition of remains The board of Embalmers funeral directors and The board of health aslso known as bureau of vital statistics
who regulate the practice of embalming Individual state
the rules of OSHA 1)General Rule; 2)Hazard communication Standard 3)Formaldehyde Rule 4)Bloodborne Pathogen
definition between Decay and Decomposition decay is the decomposition of protein by enzyne of aerobic bacteria when decomposition is the separation of compound into simpler substances by microbiol and autolytic enzymes
the 3 parts of embalming restauration;prservation; Santation
the 4 embalming treatments 1) Vascular 2)Cavity 3)Hypodermic 4)Surface
Embalming sequence PPE(protective equipment Body ID Case report Analysis
what are the methods of compliance 1)Universal Precaution 2)Engineering Control 3) Work practice Control
Number of air change for OSHA 12 to 20 air change per hour and 1 every 6minutes
Vacccination required HepatitisB
Hazard communication 1)Fluorescent and orange label 2) Orange and red
employee training records must be kept 3 years from the date the training occured
freedom from infection and from any form of life; sterility Asepsis
Bactericidal Agent destructive to bacteria
agent that has the ability to inhibit or retard bacterial growth; no destruction of viability of the microorganism is implied Bacteriostatic Agent
the destruction and/or inhibition of most pathogenic organisms and their products in or on a body Disinfection
an agent, usually chemical, applied to an inanimate object/surface to destroy disease-causing microbial agents, but usually not bacterial spores Disinfectant
(MSDA) Must be kept in file for each hazardous substance or material present in work area Yellow binder Material Safety Data Sheet
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