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EMR 100 Med term.

Medical Terminology LOG 1

Apnea not breathing
Bradycardia Slow heartbeat
Bradypnea slow breathing
Cardiotoxicity toxicity to the heart
Cholecystitis inflammation of the gallbladder
Dyspnea labored breathing
Diverticulitis Inflammation of the diverticula
Dysphagia difficulty swallowing
Emphysema inflate (as in trapped air)
Encephalitis inflammation of the brain
Epicardium outer layer of heart tissue
Erythrocytes Red (blood) cells
Gastritis inflammation of/in the stomach
Hematochezia blood in the stool
Hematoma "blood swelling" (bruise)
Hemothorax Bleeding in the chest cavity
Hypoxia reduced oxygen (to the blood)
Hypotension low blood pressure
Hepercholesterolemia High blood cholesterol
Hypertension High blood pressure
Ipsilateral On the same side
Ischemia lack of blood flow
Ketoacidosis condition of excess acid and ketones in the body (diabetes complication)
Kyphoscoliosis humped twisted (spine)
Leukocytes White (blood) cells
Melena black tarry stool
Meningitis inflammation of the membrane(s) surrounding spinal cord or brain
Nephritis inflammation of the kidney
Norepinephrine From the kidney (hormone)
Orotracheal throat (mouth+trachea)
Orthopnea (sit)straight to breathe
Pancreatitis inflammation of the pancreas
Parasthesia abnormal sensation without physical cause (numbness, tingling)
Pathophysiology anatomy of pathogens- study of
Pneumothorax Air in the chest cavity (collapsed lung)
Quadriplegia Paralysis of all extremities
Reciprocity Dependant relationship
Retroperitoneal to the rear of the peritoneum
Semipermeable selectively penetrable
Sympathomimetic mimics sympathetic (nervous system) (drug action)
Subcutaneous Under the skin
Sublingual under the tongue
Supraclavicular on/in front of clavicle
Syncope cut off (blood) fainting
Tachycardia fast heart beat
Tachypnea fast breathing
Thrombolytics Thrombo (clot) break (clot buster)
Trismus inability to open mouth
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