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egodefense mechanism

for psyc

overacheivement in one area to offset real or perceived deficiencies in another area compensation
expression of an emotional conflict through development of physical s/s, usually sensorimotor conversion
failure to acknowledge an unbearable condition; failure to admit reality of situation or how 1 enables problem to continue denial
ventilation of intense feelings toward persons less threatening than the 1 who aroused those feelings Displacement
Dealing w/emotional conflict by a temporary alteration in consiousness or identity dissociation
immobilization of a portion of personality resulting from failure to complete tasks in a developmental stage fixation
modeling actions & opinions of infuential ppl while searching for identity, or aspiring to reach a goal identification
separation of the emotions of a painful event or situation from the facts involved; acknowledging the facts but not the emotions. Intellectualization
accepting anothers attitude, beliefs, & values as ones own. Introjection
unconcious blaming of unacceptable inclinations or thoughts on an external object projection
excusing own behavior to avoid guilt, responsibility,conflict, anxiety, or loss of self-respect rationalization
acting the opposite of what one thinks or feels reaction formation
moving back to previous developmental stage to feel safe or have needs met. regression
**excluding emotionally painful or anxiety-provoking thoughts or feelings from conscious awareness** **Repression**
overt or covert antagonism toward remembering or processing anxiety-producing info Resistance
substituting a socially acceptable activity in place of an impulse that is unacceptable sublimation
replcing the desired gratafication with one that is more readily available substitution
**CONSCIOUS exclusion of unacceptable thoughts or feelings from conscious awareness** **Suppresion**
exhibiting acceptable behavior to make up for or negate unacceptable behavior Undoing
EX: compensation -napoleon complex; demunative man becoming emporer -nurse w/low esteem working x2shifts to make boss like her
Ex: conversion teenager forbidden to see x-rated movie is tempted by friends & develops temporary blindness, & the teen is unconcerned abt loss of sight
Ex: Denial -DM pt eating chocolate candy -spending money freely when broke -waiting 3 days to seek help for ab pain
Ex: displacement -person mad at the boss yells at the spouse -kid bullied at school mistreats younger sibling
Ex: dissociation -amnesia that prevents memory of yesterdays auto accident -adult remembers nothing of childhood abuse
Ex: fixation -never learning to delay gratafication -lack of clear sense of identity as an adult
Ex: identification nursing students becoming critical care nurse b/c her instructor was
ex: intellectualization -person shows no emotion or expression when describing serious auto accident
ex: introjection person who dislikes guns but becomes avid hunter just like bestie
ex: projection closet gay bashing outed gays -closet racist calling others bigots
ex: rationalization -student blames failure on teacher being mean -man says he beats wife b/c she wont listen
ex: reaction formation -woman who never wanted kids becomes supermom -person who hates boss tells everyone how great he is
ex: regression -4year old wanting bottle when infant brother is fed -man pouts like child when gf doesnt put out
ex: **Repression** *woman has no memory of mugging she suffered yesterday *woman has no memory before age 7, when she was removed from abusive parents
ex: resistance -nurse is too busy to counsel a dying pt -person attends court ordered AA but refuses to participate
ex: sublimation -quit smoking & chew gum instead -fat kid walks instead of eating donut
ex: substitution woman who wants her own kids opens a day care
ex: **Suppresion** **-student decides not to think abt parents illness to study for a test -wife tells a friend she cant think abt her husbands death right now**
ex: undoing -cheating spouse buys wife roses -rich mean white man donates to charity
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