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MiddleEast Oil H20

MiddleEast SS7G5,6,7

The Southwestern countries with the greatest oil reserves of natural gas and oil are Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran, and Kuwait
How much of the world's oil supply is found in Southwest Asia? 50%, or half of the world's oil supply
List 3 main water problems in the Middle East water shortages, pollution, unequal water distribution
Which river is the source of conflict between Israel, Syria, and Jordan? Jordan River
What kind of changes have taken place since the discovery of oil in the Middle East? the Middle East is viewed as vitally important to the world's economy Money has transformed Saudi Arabia from a very poor society to a very rich society It has modernized the Middle East more than 95% of the population lives in cities, not nomadic
Which river do Turkey, Syria, Iraq, and Kuwait share? Euphrates River
What was formed in the 1960s when some Southwestern oil producing countries joined other oil rich countries to have more control over the oil market? OPEC
Where in a country is the population the greatest? (physical feature) along the coast
What does each letter of OPEC stand for? O.P.E.C. Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries
How has building dams created problems for countries that share rivers in Southwest Asia? Dams limit water to the countries further downstream
What are some ways that the water sources in the Middle East have been polluted? chemical fertilizers that run off from the fields, toxic waste that is dumped in the rivers, damage from wars that cause poor filtering and pipeline systems, open sewers
Removing salt from sea water is called desalination
methods used to form a system that sends the water from a river to another place to be used for farming irrigation
layers of underground rock where water runoff from rains and streams is trapped. aquifer
Why don't more countries who lack fresh water desalinate more? it is very expensive
What 2 things does OPEC control? price of all and production of oil.
Major rivers have become political issues because the problems that unequal water distribution can cause. Everyone needs water and there is not enough.
Bedouins, or nomads, are Southwest Asians who have traditionally lived in major deserts
Where would you likely find the most dense population of a country? near major rivers or the coasts
Why has Southwest Asia played a major role in trade? it is located between 3 major continents: Asia, Europe, and Africa
If a community doesn't have enough resources to use their farm as a business to supply food to a greater population, then they are only able to farm for the local environment. This is called subsistence farming
What has allowed there to be a better trade route between the Mediterranean Sea and the Arabian Sea. instead of the previous route of having to travel around Africa? Suez Canal
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