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The Uglies

Summer Reading Book

Who Is Tally and what happens to her? Tally is an Uglie, and she lost her best friend Peris,becuas three months ago he became a Prety, when he turned 16 and moved to Pretty Town
Why does tally get sad and what does she do ?about it Tally gets sad becuase she misses Peris, so she sneaks into Pretty Town
Who Is Peris' Forever Friend ? Scar
What happens to Scar? Scar disappears with his new skin
What does Peris help Tally do and What does he promise her? Peris helps tally escape his building so she doesn't get caught and he promises he that he will still be friends with her in three months when she turns sixteen and becomes a Pretty
While tally is escaping Pretty Town who does she meet? While Tally is escaping she meets Shay, another ugly sneaking into Pretty Town
What does shay help tally learn? Shay helps tally learn how to ride a hoverboard
What does Shay and Tally look at on the Computer? Shay and Tally look at what they might look like when they are Pretties
While Tally and Shay sneak out at night for an adventure to see what is outside of Uglyville what do they discover? Shay and Tally discovered the importance of metal for using their hoverboards.
While Tally and Shay were exploring the Rusty Ruins outside of Pretty Town and Uglyville what did they find? They discovered an Old Rollercoaster
Who is this mysterious “David” at the Rusty Ruins? David is the son of the founders of the Smoke, falls in love with Tally. Originally he liked Shay, He wears hand sewn clothing, made from animal skins, and has a lot of survival skills which he passes on to Tally.
What does Shay and Tally think about doing to the new 12 year old Uglies? playing a trick on them
What do Shay and Tally discuss? Shay and Tally discuss turning into a Pretty when Shay saids that she want to stay a Uglie forever and then they fight
Created by: bcw1998


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