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Wit & Wisdom M1

Module 1 Vocabulary Terms

abundant Many; more than what is needed
analyze To examine closely
banish To force (someone) to leave a country as punishment; to send (someone or something) away; to cause (something) to go away
barren Not fertile; lifeless
barricade A temporary wall, fence, or similar structure that is built to prevent people from entering a place or area
beliefs Strong opinions: ideas believed to be true
betrayed Mislead; failed to fulfill (as in hopes, needs, or expectations)
bootlegger Someone who makes or sells (alcoholic liquor) illegally
brave A Native American warrior (out-of-date term)
breechcloths Long rectangular pieces of tanned deerskin, cloth, or animal fur worn between the legs and tucked over a belt, so that the flaps fall in front and behind
brilliant Very impressive or successful
butte A type of hill with a flat top and steep sides that is found in the southwestern United States
camas root A genus of plants in the asparagus family native to western North America
carbine A short, light rifle
chieftain The head of a group or tribe
clan A large group of people who are related
click-clack A succession of clicks or of alternating clicks and clacks; to make a click-clack sound (as in walking)
collaborate To work together with others to accomplish something
commotion Noisy excitement and confusion
compare To examine two or more things for similarities
conflict Argument or fight between two opposing sides
contempt A feeling that someone or something is not worthy of any respect or approval; a lack of respect for or fear of something that is usually respected or feared
contrast To examine two or more things for differences
cradleboard Traditional protective baby carriers used by many indigenous cultures
crooned Sang softly or sentimentally
cudgel A short heavy club
cultural Of or relating to culture
culture The way a particular group of people lives and understands the world (including ideas, beliefs, and values; traditions; religion; language; rules; gender roles; food; clothing; art, music, dance, sports, and other ways of life)
cunning Cleverness or skill especially at tricking people in order to get something
customs Usual or accepted practices of a social group
defied Refused to obey
deprived Took away from; did not allow to have
descendant Those related to a person or animal or group of people or animals who lived in the past
devour To eat ferociously; to do something with great passion
disgrace To cause (someone) to feel ashamed; to cause (someone or something) to lose or become unworthy of respect or approval
disputes Arguments or debates
elaborate To add details to something; to explain more fully
endangered Animal or plant that has become very rare and that could die out completely
expansion The act or process of becoming larger
flageolet A usually pale green immature kidney bean used especially in French cuisine
flinch To move suddenly because you are afraid of being hit or hurt; to show fear
furrows Long and narrow cuts in the ground
grieved Sadness or grief expressed when someone dies
guardian Someone or something that watches or protects something
gully A long, narrow cut or low area in the ground that water moves through when it rains
hailstorm Weather phenomenon in which balls of ice, called hail, fall from the sky
heed To pay attention to; to take notice of
hobbles To slow the movement, progress, or action of (someone or something); to keep (an animal) from straying or wandering by tying two legs together
homeland The country or place someone is originally from
idler Someone who is lazy or does not work
impact Effect on something; to make an impression on something or someone
inadequate Less than what is needed; not enough
institutions Established customs and activities in a society
intelligence The ability to learn or understand things or to deal with new or difficult situations
invasion An act or instance of disturbing or breaking into without being wanted
justice The upholding of what is fair, decent, and right; fair treatment, fairness, equity
lame Having an injured leg or foot that makes walking difficult or painful
liberty Freedom to do or say what one thinks or feels
littered Covered (a surface) with many things in an untidy way
locusts A type of grasshopper that travels in very large groups and that can cause great destruction by eating crops
loom A frame or machine that is used to weave threads or yarns to produce cloth
malaria A serious disease that causes chills and fever and that is passed from one person to another by the bite of mosquitoes
misinterpretation Wrong or incorrect understandings or explanations
misshapen Badly shaped; having an ugly shape
mistook Past tense of mistake
misunderstanding Failures to comprehend or understand correctly
mood In literature, the overall feeling or atmosphere of a passage or piece of literature
moon A very long time
mourning Acts or feelings that express great sadness
natural resources Materials that come from nature and can be utilized by people (minerals, waterpower, etc.)
nonexistent Not present or real
obey To do what someone tells you to do or what a rule, law, , says you must do
oral tradition Cultural history and ancestry passed down through generations by word of mouth, often through storytelling
parched Very dry especially because of hot weather and no rain
personification Giving human qualities to an inanimate object or being
plain words (idiom) Ordinary words, words easy to understand
plateau A flat area on top of a hill or mountain
portrait An artistic representation of a person
poverty Poor, not having enough property, money, or food
prairie An open grassland
priest A person who has the authority to lead or perform ceremonies in some religions and especially in some Christian religions
prosperity Wealth and riches
prosperous Wealthy; having more than enough property, money, or food
protest To show or express strong disagreement with or disapproval of something
puzzled Feeling or showing confusion because something is difficult to understand
quarrelsome Ready or likely to argue or disagree
raid A surprise attack on an enemy by soldiers or other military forces
ravine A small, deep, narrow valley
rawhide The skin of a cow before it has been prepared or made into leather
reinforce To add extra support
replenish To fill or build up (something) again
reservation An area of land given to Native Americans by the US government as payment for taking the land of their original homes
revenge The act of doing something to hurt someone because that person did something that hurt you
roach haircut Often known as a Mohawk or Mohican hairstyle, after two tribes who frequently wore it
rovers People who wander to different places
scalped To remove the hair and skin from the head of (an enemy) as a sign of victory
scavengers Searching for food to eat
scout To explore (an area) to find information about it
semi- subterranean Halfway or part way underground (part way up from the ground)
shameful Very bad; bad enough to make someone ashamed
sharpshooters Someone who is skilled at shooting a target with a gun
silver wire Telegraph lines/wires
skulking Moving or hiding in a secret way especially because you are planning to do something bad
speak (to you now) with two tongues (idiom) Duplicitous, hypocritical, or deceitful, especially in speech; claiming one set of beliefs or intentions but acting according to another
stampede An occurrence in which a large group of frightened or excited animals or people run together in a wild and uncontrolled way to escape from something or get out of a place
stern Very serious, especially in an unfriendly way; expressing strong disapproval or criticism
subsistence That which supports life or continued operation
suffer To tolerate or endure
summit The highest point of a mountain; a meeting or series of meetings between the leaders of two or more governments
sun If someone or something has a day/moment/time, , in the sun, that person or thing is popular or gets a lot of attention during a period of time
superseded Took over the place or position of; replaced
surrender To give up; to give in to another’s power or demands
sustain To support, nourish; to undergo for a period of time
sustenance Food; something that supports or strengthens life
taunting Saying insulting things to (someone) in order to make that person angry
tethered Used a rope or chain to tie (an animal) to something in order to keep it in a particular area
thriving Doing well or being successful
torrent A large amount of water that moves very quickly in one direction; a large amount of something that is released suddenly
travois A type of sled used by native peoples to carry goods, containing two poles joined by a frame and drawn by a horse or a dog
treaty An agreement between two opposing sides; a document that explains the terms of the agreement; a formal agreement between two or more countries
trench A deep, narrow hole in the ground that is used as protection for soldiers
truce An ending of armed conflict by mutual agreement of warring parties
undermined Gradually weakened and destroyed
valiantly Having or showing courage; very brave or courageous
values Ideas about what is important and how to live in a way that is good or right
war bonnet Feathered headgear traditionally worn by male leaders of the American Plains Indians Nations who have earned a place of great respect in their tribe
warily Not having or showing complete trust in someone or something that could be dangerous or cause trouble
warrior Someone who fights like a soldier
wrenched Jerked or pulled with force; caused suffering to
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