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Medical Abbreviation

Medical Terms

Vital Signs VS
Abdomen Abd
At bedtime H.S.
Complete blood count CBC
Electrocardiogram EKG
Licensed Practice Nurse LPN
Nausea and Vomiting N & V
Red Blood Cell RBC
Immediately STAT
Blood Pressure BP
Potassium K+
Magnetic resonance imaging MRI
Weight Wt
Cerebrovascular accident CVA
Intake and output I&O
Finger sticks blood sugar FSBS
Chest x-ray CXR
Nothing by mouth NPO
Turn, cough and deep breathe TCDB
Before meals A.C.
No Known allergies NKA
Urinalysis UA
Diagnosis Dx
Registered Nurse RN
Morning A.M.
Bathroom Privileges BRP
Hypertension HTN
Out of bed OOB
Every 4 hours q 4hrs
As desired Ad lib
Oxygen O2
After meals P.C.
Intravenous IV
Every Q
Computerized tomography CT
Myocardial infarction MI
Congestive Heart Failure CHF
Doctor Dr.
Patient care technician PCT
Four times day QID
Rule out R/O
With c (a line above the c)
Pre-operative Pre-op
Without s (a line above the s)
Sodium Na
Culture and sensitivity C/S
Physical therapy P.T.
Afternoon P.M.
Calcium Ca
Aphasia imparement or absence of language function
Empathy feelings and reactions of another person
Sympathy an expressed sensitive concern for and sharing of the mental and emotional state of another person
1 cc is how many mL 1 mL
5 mL is how many teaspoons 1 tsp
30 cc is how many? 1 ounce
30 mL is how many? 1 ounce
8 ounces is? 1 cup
3 teaspoons is 1 tablespoon
Created by: Krissi_N