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Daimon Vocabulary for 1st Quiz (rex - pello)

rex regis, m = king
parvus -a, -um = small, little
pugno (1) = to fight
uno die one day (abl time expression)
litus litoris, n = shore, beach
nauta -ae, m = sailor **Note: Even though this is a 1st decl noun, it's masculine!
navis navis, f = ship
tum (adv) = then, afterwards, next
navigo (1) = to sail
miles militis, m = soldier
clamo (1) = to shout
serpens serpentis, m/f = snake
neco (1) = to kill
paucus -a, -um = few
video videre/vidi/visus = to see
ambulo (1) = to walk
oraculum -i, n = oracle, prophecy
mitto mittere/misi/missus = to send
dico dicere/dixi/dictus = to speak, say
odi odisse = to hate
ibi (adv) = there, in that place
ubi (adv) = when
heros herois, m = hero, demigod
fortis -e = brave, strong
clarus -a, -um = clear, clear; famous, renowned
mare maris, n = sea, ocean
volo (1) = to fly; hasten
libero (1) = to liberate, set free
miser misera, miserum = unhappy, wretched, miserable
peto petere/petivi/petitus = to seek, look for; to head for; to attack
pello pellere/pepuli/pulsus = to push; drive away, expel
Created by: simsma