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Legal Aspects of Nur

Nurse Practice Act describe and define the legal boundaries of nursing practice w/in each state
Regulatory (administrative) Law reflects decisions made by adm. bodies such as State Boards of Nursing when they pass rules
Common Law judicial decisions made in courts when individual legal cases are decided
Civil Law protects individual w/in our society
Criminal Law protects society as a whole and provides punishment for crimes
felony serious crime resulting in imprisonment for longer than 1yr. or even death
misdemeanor less serious crime which carries a fine or imprisonment for less than 1yr.
Standards of Care legal requirements for nursing practice that describe minimum acceptable nursing care
American Nurses Assoc develops standards for nursing practice, policy stmnts, & similar resolutions
The Joint Commission (TJC) requires accredited hospitals to have written nursing policies and procedures
Durable Power of attorney for health Care (DPAHC) legal doc that designates a person/persons to make health care decisions on your behalf
DNR "do not resuscitate" or "no code"
Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act (HIPPA) provides rights to pts. and protects employees
tort civil wrong made against a person or property
intentional tort willful acts that violate anothers rights such as assault, battery, false imprisonment
assault any action that places a person in apprehension of harmful contact w/out consent
battery intentional touching w/out consent...can be harmful or just offensive
false imprisonment unjustified restraint of a person w/out legal warrant
Quasi-Intentional Torts invasion of privacy or defamation of character
unintentional torts negligence and malpractice
negligence conduct that falls below the standard of care
malpractice nursing care falls below standard of care
informed consent persons agreement to allow something to happen such as surgery or procedures
Nursing students are expected to perform as professional nurses would. Nursing students are liable if their actions cause harm to pts.
Roe v. Wade 1973 fundamental right to privacy, which includes a womans decision to abort
State Board of Nursing suspends or revokes a license if a nurse violates provisions of license statute
occurance report (incident report) provides database for further investigation to prevent recurrence
NEVER... document in the pts med record that you complted an occurence report
If you get an order that you think is erroneous or harmful... get clarification, if order still stands inform supervising nurse &use chain of command
Nursing students NEVER... take verbal orders!!!
Depending on state laws... nurses are required to report child abuse & certain communicable diseases.
Nurses file incident/occurrence reports... for all errors even when someone is not injured.
Created by: Nic_Jaws