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Derm 3 (Infectious3)


In what condition would you see Auer rods? AML
In what circumstances should confidentiality not be protected? threat of harm to 3rd parties, certain contagious/infectious diseases, child abuse or elder abuse.
What xray finding is indicative of croup? steeple sign
What xray finding is indicative of epiglottis? thumb sign
Which HPV types cause skin warts? HPV types 1 through 4
Which HPV types cause genital warts? HPV 6 and 11
What are the characteristic features of tinea versicolor? pale, velvety pink ("salmon colored"), light brown, or whitish hypopigmented macules. Usually limited to upper trunk and extremities. Lesions don't tan, lesions don't appear scaly but scale when scraped.
Which fungal infection will have "spaghetti and meantballs" (both hyphae and spores) appearance in 10% KOH prep, under the microscope? tinea versicolor
What are the tx options for tinea versicolor? topical OTC antifungals for 2 weeks (lamisil), clotrimazol (lotrimin), selenium sulfide, ketoconazole 2% shampoo, oral antifungal for extensive dz(ketoconazol, fluconazole, itraconazole)
What is the best treatment for onychomycosis? terbinafine. Fingernails 250mg PO qd x 6 weeks, Toenails 250mg PO qd x 12 weeks.
Which lab values should be checked prior to treatment and mid-treatment in patients taking terbinafine. LFTs
What is the appearance of molluscum contagiosum? small, shiny papules <5mm in diameter with central umbilication
What is the tx for mulloscum? usually no treatment requires, they are self resolving
What is the treatment for tinea capitis? oral griseofulvin, oral itrazonazole, oral terbinafine
An obese, 42 y/o diabetic woman complains of pruritic rash underneath her boobs. Exam reveals a red patchy rash. What diagnostic study would be helpful and what would be seen? This is intertriago. Take a sample from the affected area and do KOH prep to look for pseudohyphae
What is the treatment for pediculosis capitis? wash scalp, saturate scalp with permethrin cream, repeat in 1 week due to resistance. If kid is <2 yrs, then wet combing with conditioner or olive oil rather than insecticides performed q3-4 days for weeks.
What is the tx for pediculosis pubis? permethrin cream, repeat in 1 week. Sexual partners need to be treated at the same time, bedding and clothing should be washed in hot water.
What medication is preferred in the tx of scabies? permethrin
When treating pediculosis with malathion (alternative to permethrin), what symptoms might suggest malathion tox? diaphoresis, lacrimation, salivation, diarrhea, urination, miosis, muscle excitation
A 22 y/o Asian pt comes to your office. She is concerned because she notices small areas of hypopigmentation on her back. She says these areas are more noticeable in the summer. What is the organism that is likely the cause. Malessezia furfur
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