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Derm 2 (Infectious2)


Which glomerular dz would you suspect most in a pt with the following findings: IF: granular pattern of immune complex deposition, LM: hypercellular glomeruli acute post-step GN
Which glomerular dz would you suspect most in a pt with the following findings: IF: linear pattern of immune complex deposition good pastures
Which glomerular dz would you suspect most in a pt with the following findings: EM: loss of epithelial foot proccesses minimal change dz
Which glomerular dz would you suspect most in a pt with the following findings: EM: subendothelia humps and tram-track appearance membranoproliferative GN
Which glomerular dz would you suspect most in a pt with the following findings: nephritis, deafness, cataracts alport syndrome
Which glomerular dz would you suspect most in a pt with the following findings: purpura on the back of the arms and legs, IgA nephropathy Henoch-Schonlein purpura
Which glomerular dz would you suspect most in a pt with the following findings: Anti-dsDNA antibodies Lupus nephritis
A pt presents to the ER with a very painful irreducible inguinal mass. What is the next step in the management of this pt? surgical correction (it's an incarcerated inguinal hernia)
What cause of aplastic anemia is associated with thumb abnormalities, diffuse hypo- or hyperpigmentation, cafe-au-lait spots and short stature? Fanconi anemia
Which acne medication is known for causing photosensitivity? tetracycline
Which labs/test should be checked when deciding to start a patient on oral isotretinoin (Accutane)? check b-HCG, CBC, lipids, LFTs regularly
Never use isotretinoin with ________, it causes a combined risk of pseudotumor cerebri. tetracycline
What is the classic presentation of rosacea? middle-aged pt, facial erythema with telangiectasias starting at the nose and cheeks, facial flushing, inflammatory papules, pustules, cysts and/or nodules, ocular blepharitis, rhinophyma
A 15 y/o girl is brought to the dermatologist for tx of her acne. What is the causative organism in acne? propionibacterium acnes
What medication options are available for the treatment of acne vulgaris? topical retinoid, benzoyl peroxide, topical or oral abx, OCPs, spironolactone, isotretinoin
What SEs can asire from the use of oral isotretinoin? teratogenic, drying of skin and mucous membranes, hepatotox, elevated TGs, Depression and SI.
A 41 y/o woman w/ rosacea is seen in the clinic. It is a mild case, for which avoidance of the triggers of facial flushing would be an initial therapy. What are some examples of things to avoid? hot/spicy drinks or food, alcohol, caffeine, extremes of temps, extreme emotions, exercise, wind, skin products that irritate
What are the clinical features of varicella chicken pox? prodrome of malaise, fever, pharyngitis, HA and myalgia 24 hrs prior to rash. Get pruritic vesicular rash(teardrop vesicles) starting on face and trunk and spreading to extremities.
What treatments are available for children with chicken pox? antihistamines for pruritis, acetaminophen for fever, no need for acyclovir.
What medications are used in the treatment of postherpetic neuralgia? gabapentin, pregabalin, TCAs, lidocaine patch, capsaicin cream.
What is the treatment for rosacea? topical sulfacetamide, topical metronidazole, for rhinophyma can use laser therapy, systemic tx w/ tetracycline, doxy, minocycline or isotretinoin.
What is the time-frame in the tx of varicella? tx within 1st 72 hours
A 25 y/o man is in the office for cold sores. On exam he has 3 painful small vesicles clustered at vermillion border. He reports prodrome of tingly sensation in the area a few days prior. Which studies may be helpful for dx? Tzanck smear, viral culture
An elderly woman presents with a rash on her R.flank. The rash appeared a few days ago and is painful. Rash is in a dermatomal distribution. The rash is composed of grouped red vesicles. What should you treat with? acyclovir, valacyclovir, or famciclovir, and treat the pain.
T/F no proven association exists b/w acne vulgaris and certain types of food. True
Women should have at least ____(number) of negative urine pregnancy tests before an oral isotretinoin is prescribed. 2
It is important to check varicella immunity status in all pregnant women. All nonimmune pregnant women who contract the disease should be given ___________. varicella immune globulin
Which patient population is at increased risk of developing encephalopathy or retinitis as complications from Varicella infection? immunocompromised pts
A newborn is found to have temporal lobe encephalitis. What is the most likely cause? HSV transmitted from infected mother
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