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City of the Beasts

City of the Beasts vocabulary words

reptile resembling alligator caiman
substance that dulls pain: a substance that reduces sensitivity to pain and may cause unconsciousness anesthetic
sentimental recollection: amixed feeling of happiness, sadness, and longing when recalling a person, place, or event nostalgia
firmness of belief: firmness of belief or opinion conviction
necessary: extremely desirable or useful, or not to be done without indispensable
a spiritual leader who is believed to have special powers such as prophecy and the ability to heal shaman
unbeatable: too strong or skillful to ever be defeated, too dificult to overcome: so great or difficult as to be impossible to overcome, deep-rooted: too deep-rooted or ingrained to be altered invincible
rebellion against legal authority mutiny
a jolting, swaying, bouncing, or rocking movement jounce
belonging to a place: originating in and naturally living, growing, or occurring in a region or country indigenous
a state of physical slowness and mental dullness resulting from tiredness: lack of energy, activity, or enthusiasm lethargy
impossible or difficult to perceive by the mind or senses, tiny:very slight or gradual imperceptible
appearance of something ghostly: an appearance of a supposed ghost or something ghostly, appearance of something unlikely: an appearance of something or somebody unexpected or strange apparition
to echo repeatedly, have continuing effect: to have a far-reaching or lasting impact reverberate
messenger or representative envoy
thin and strong: lean, tough, and muscular sinewy
not restrained by moral or ethical principles, oblivious to or contemtuous of what is right or honorable unscrupulous
having supernatural or spiritual significance or power mystical
having good sense in dealing with practical matters, carefully considering consequences: using good judgment to consider likely consequences and act accordingly, careful in managing resources: careful in managing resources so as to provide for the future prudence
the respect or devotion that others show somebody or something reverence
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