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MT Ch 9 Test

Medical Terminology Chapter 9 test

this is an inflammation of the renal pelvis and the kidney usually caused by bacterial infection Pyelonephritis
is the inability to control the voiding of urine under physical stress such as running,sneezing,laughing, or coughing stress incontinence
what is the medical term for the outer layer of the kidney? Renal Cortex
has the sudden onset and is characterized by uremia. It can be fatal if not reversed promptly. This condition can be caused by many factors, including a sudden drop in blood volume or blood pressure due to injury or surgery. acute renal failure
also known as the urinary meatus, is the external opening of the urethra. Meaus means external opening of a canal urethral meateus
is a condition in which very high levels of protein are lost in the urine, and low levels of protein are present in the blood characteristics of nephrotic syndrome
inflammation within the walls of the bladder? Interstitial Cystitis
.an abnormal opening between the bladder and the vagina and is called? Vesicovaginal Fistula
what would I call an abnormal enlargement of the ureter? Ureterectasis
.Is abnormally high concentrations of proteins in the urine hyperproteinuria
.(ESRD) refers to late stages of chronic renal failure in which there is irreversible loss of the function of both kidneys end-stage renal failure
.is the surgical repair of a ureter ureteroplasty
this is a procedure where you free kidneys from adhesions Nephrolysis
what would I call the complete suspension of urine formation? Anuria
removal of a kidney stone through a surgical incision is called? Nephrolithotomy
The condition of having a kidney stone is called? Nephrolith
presence of a stone in the kidney is called? Nephrolithiasis
A surgical incision to remove a stone is called? Nephrolithotomy
The narrowing of the ureter is called? Urethrostenosis
What would I call bleeding from the urethra? Urethrorrhagia
is a series of muscles that contract around the urethra in order to achieve bladder control of urine flowing in and out of the urethra urinary sphincter
Is a blood test used to screen for prostate cancer, also known as Prostate-specific anti-gen PSA blood test
What is a condition of having symptoms resulting from the obstruction of the urethra do to benign prostatic Hypertrophy Prostatism
What would I call distension of the ureter? Ureterectasis
Created by: cwhitel