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Chp 1 Med Term

Chapter 1 of Medical Terminology: includes prefixes, suffixes and combining term

a- not, without, lacking, deficient
anti- against, opposed to, preventing, relieving
di- two, twice, double
dys- difficult, painful, defective, abnormal
ec- out of, away from
ecto- outside of
en- in, into, within
endo-/ento- within
epi- upon, over, above
exo- outside, from the outside, toward the outside
hemi- half, partial, one side of the body
hyper- over, above exceissive, beyond normal
hypo- under, deficient, below normal
mono- one, single
peri- around, surrounding
syn- together, with, joined
-a -abstract nouns -state, condition
-ac -adjectives -pertaining to, located in
-ia/-y -abstract nouns -will appear as -y -state, condition
-iac -nouns -person afflicted with
-iasis -nouns -disease, abnormal condition, abnormal presecent of -when used with -lith: formation and/or presece of calculi in the body
-ic -adjectives -pertaining to, located in, person suffering from a certain disability or condition -can be used as adjective or noun: but with noun it often indicates a drug or agent
-in/-ine -form names of substances
-ist -nouns -a person interested in
-itic -adjectives -pertaining to, inflammation -can indicate a drug or agent
-itis -nouns -indicating an inflamed condition
-itides -plural form for words ending in -itis
-ium -nouns -membrane, connective tissue
-ma -nouns -abnormal or diseased condition
-osis -abstract nouns -abnormal or diseased condition
-otic -adjectives from nouns ending in -osis -pertaining to
-sia -abstract nouns -state, condition
-sis -abstract nouns -state, condition
-tic -forms adjectives from nouns ending in -sis -pertaining to, often indicates a drug or agent
ACANTH- thorn, spine
ALG- pain
ALGES- sensitivity to pain
ALL- other, divergence, difference from
ANGI- (blood) vessel, duct
ARTERI- (air passage) artery
ARTHR- joint
BI- life
BRADY- slow
CARDI- heart
CEPHAL- head
CRANI- skull
CYT- (hollow container) cell
ENCEPHAL- brain (a combination of en and cephal)
ERYTHR- red, red blood cell
LEPT- thin, fine, slight
LEUK- white, white blood cell
LITH- stone, calculus
LOG- word, study
MALAC- soft
MES- middle, secondary partial, mesentery
-METER/METR- measure, measuring device (words ending in -meter indicate instruments for measuring)
NEPHR- kidney
NEUR- (tendon) nerve, nervous system
OSTE- bone
PROSOP- face
PROT- first, primitive, early
SCLER- hard
STEN- narrow
STERE- solid, having 3 dimensions
TACHY- rapid
TOX(I)- poison
Created by: jmccart