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Heme/Onc 6 (Infectn)


A post-op patient has poor urine output, a BUN of 85, Cr of 3, and clear lungs. Wht is the next step in the management of this patient? BUN:Cr >20 so this is prerenal azotemia. Patient needs IVFs
What infection causes aplastic crisis in sickle cell disease? parvovirus B19
What do an elevated EPO level, elevated Hct and normal O2 sat suggest? EPO producing tumor such as RCC, so it needs to be evaluated further with CT scan.
What are the criteria for the dx of SIRS? At least 2 of the following: fever(>38.5C or hypothermia <35), tachypnea, tachycardia, leukocytosis(WBC 12,000), leukopenia(WBC<4000), bandemia(>10% bands).
A hospitalized patient is suspected of having an infection. What should be done before empiric antibiotics are started? blood/urine/sputum cultures
What is the tx for infectious mono? NSAIDS, encourage rest and plenty of fluids, no participation in sports, steroids only helpful if impending airway compromise due to enlarged tonsils or if life-threatening sequelae develop.
When can patients with infectious mono return to sports? may return gradually to noncontact sports 3 weeks after symptom onset. May return gradually to contact sports 4 weeks after symptom onset.
A 19 y/o student comes to clinic for recent fatigue and sore throat. She has never been so tired with previous sore throats. Denies any sick contacts. On PE, she has posterior cervical lymphadenopathy, fever, & a palpable spleen. What test do you order? monospot test (heterophile antibody test)
A man returns from a safari in Africa and now has periodic fevers, chills, diaphoresis, muscle aches and fatigue. How could this man have avoided this illness? prophy antimalarial drugs: chloroquine, mefloquine, atovaquone/priguanil, doxycycline
Encapsulated organisms are a more common cause of sepsi in __________ patients than in other patients. asplenic (e.g sickle cell dz)
_________ is a common cause of sepsis in IV drug abusers. s. aureus
Which vasopressor should be used in patients with sepsis? norepi
Symptoms of mono do not appear until _____ weeks after infection with EBV. 2-5 weeks
Which species of plasmodium is the most common in Malaria? P. falciparum
How is malaria transmitted? anopheles mosquito
Which lab test can confirm the presence of Malaria infection? PCR
How long will the fatigue last in patients with infectious mono? ~3-6 months
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