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Heme/Onc 9 Tx & Peds

Oncologic Therapy and Pediatric Heme-Onc

What is the definition of maternal mortality? # of deaths from pregnancy to 42d post-partum per 100,000 live births
WHich type of lung cancer is a/w the following paraneoplastic syndrome? elevated ACTH-> glucocorticoid excess-> Cushing syndrome small cell CA
WHich type of lung cancer is a/w the following paraneoplastic syndrome? elevated PTH related peptide-> hypercalcemia SCC
WHich type of lung cancer is a/w the following paraneoplastic syndrome? elevated ADH-> SIADH-> hyponatremia small cell CA
WHich type of lung cancer is a/w the following paraneoplastic syndrome? Ab to presynaptic Ca channels-> Lambert-Eaton syndrome small cell CA
What dz causes glomerulonephritis with deafness? Alport syndrome
Indications for using rhogam? Give RhoGAM (RhoD Ig) within 72h of delivery of initial Rh+ fetus or at any time maternal and fetal blood may have mixed.
AR d/o a/w bone marrow failure, pancytopenia, short stature, abnorm skin pigmentation, horseshoe kidney, and thumb abnormalities. Dx? Increased risk of developing what? Fanconi anemia. Incr risk of developing leukemia
Congenital pure RBC anemia a/w fatigue, dyspnea, cyanosis, pallor, craniofacial abnormalities, thumb abnormalities, heart murmurs, MR, and hypogonadism. Dx? Tx? Diamond-Blackfan anemia. Tx with transfusions, corticosteroids, and bone marrow transplant
Abdominal distention and pain in a child with weight loss, malaise, bone pain, diarrhea, abdominal mass, and HTN. Dx? What syndrome may they have? Neuroblastoma. May present with Horner's syndrome
How do you differentiate neuroblastoma from Wilms tumor? Wilms has hematuria but Neuroblastoma does not.
A 5yo boy is brought in with a swollen leg. The child has not had any recent trauma. The swollen area actually is a mass that seems imbedded within hte vastus medius of the R thigh. What is the next step in the mgmt? CT or MRI to determine extent. Bx later.
What is the MC adrenal tumor in children? What lab studies can be used to diagnose this? Neuroblastoma. VMA and homovanillic acid.
A 4yo girl is brought into county clinic with a URI. Mother reports child seems to get sick more than her friends. PE is remarkable for dangling thumbs, short stature, and hypopigmentation of some skin areas. Labs reveal pancytopenia. Likely dx? Fanconi's anemia
3mo old child brought to office w/difficulty breathing, fatiuge, and pallor. He has a murmur and abnormal thumbs. Labs: Hgb/Hct 4/12%, WBC 8,000, platelets 300,000, MCV 99. Dx? What would you expect the level of erythropoietin to be? Diamond-Blackfan anemia. Increase EPO.
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