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MT Ch 8 Test

Medical Terminology Chapter 8 test

what would i call passing gas through the rectum? Flatulence also known as Flatus
what is the medical term for vomiting? Emesis
what is the medical term for swallowing air? Aerophagia
what is the abbreviation for hepatitus A? HAV
what does IBS stand for? Irritable Bowel Syndrome
also known as stools, solid body waste expelled through the rectum and anus Feces
is the pigment produced from the destruction of the hemoglobin, and is released by the liver into bile bilirubin
what would I call an acute infection of the galbladder? cholecystitis
is the breaking down of body cells or substances,releasing energy and carbon dioxide. It is the opposite of anabolism catabolism
the term bulemia means continuous and excessive hunger (starving ones self) bulemia nervosa is an eating disorder characterized by frequent episodes of binge eating followed by purging. bulemia
what is the condition where I grind or clench my teeth Bruxism
what would I call the 4th part of the colon? Sigmoid Colon
what is the medical term for bad breath Halitosis
what would I call a disease of the mouth caused by fungus? Stomatomycosis
what is the longest portion of the small intestines? Ileum
is a small pouch or sac occuring in the lining or wall of a tubular organ such as the colon diverticulum
means difficulty in swallowing Dysphagia
what would I call the return of swallowed food to the mouth? Regurgitation
this is a surgery where i fix the rectum to an adjacent tissue or organ? Proctopexy
this is a radiograph of the bio ducts with use of contrast medium, what is it? cholangiography
this term means the breaking down of body cells or substances Catabolism
Created by: cwhitel