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Test1_Chapter 12E

Sensory-Chapter 12

Refraction This is when light rays bend and change speed
Macula What is the area of the eye that provides central vision?
Accommodation The process by which the lens of the eye on the posterior side can change shape.
Near Point What is the closest point a person can clearly focus on an object
Black Print with 22 or larger font on an ivory background What type of changes should be made to teaching aides to reduce glare for clients experiencing age-related lens changes?
Ptosis Drooping of the upper eyelid is called?
Proptosis An extended or protruded upper eyelid that delays closing or remains partially open is called?
Nystagmus Uncontrolled oscillating movement of the eyeball
Snellen eye chart a simple screening tool to test the ability to see far images is what?
Jaeger chart or Rosenbaum Pocket Vision Screener What chart is used to evaluate near vision?
Cataract This is when the lens develops opacities due the age related changes
Ishihara Polychromatic Plates the chart that assesses color vision
Corneal light reflex test This is the extraocular muscle function test that assesses the alignment of the eyes
Myopia This is nearsightedness
Emmetropia This is the term for normal vision
Hyperopia This is the term for farsightedness
Presbyopia This is refractive error is associated with aging and having a difficulty with near vision
Astimatism Visual distortion caused by an irregularly shaped cornea.
20/40 What visual accuity (even with corrective lenses) is usually required to pass a driving test
Endophthalmitis A condition where all three layers of the eye and the vitreous are inflamed (possibly caused by penetrating trauma)
diplopia the term for double vision
Conjunctivitis an inflamation of the conjunctiva of the eye
Keratitis an inflamation of the cornea
Photophobia This is a sensitivity to light
blepharitis inflammation of the eye lid margins
Hordeolum this is an inflammation an infection of the Zeis or Moll glands, types of oil glands at the edge of the eyelid
Chalazion this is a cyst of one or more meibomian glands, a type of sebaceous gland in the inner surface of the eyelid at the junction of the conjuctiva and lid margin
Macular degeneration this is a breakdown of or damage to the macula, the point on the retina where light rays converge for the most acute visual perception.
Glaucoma This is caused by an imbalance between the production and drainage of aqueous fluid
open-angle glaucoma this is the most common form of glaucoma, has slow onset
Angle-closure glaucoma this is the less common form of glaucoma that needs immediate recognition to prevent blindness
Miotics these drugs used in Glaucoma constrict the pupil
Timoptic( timolol) This drug used in open-angle Glaucoma is a topical Beta Blocker. this reduces rate of aqueous humor to the eye
Carbonic Anhydrase Inhibitors This type of glaucoma drug slows the production of aqueous fluid
Enucleation This is the surgical removal of the eye
Dependent position (if tear is on left side,lie on left side) What position do you put someone with an eye injury
Scleral buckling This is a surgical procedure in which a tiny synthetic band is attached outside the eyeball to lightly push the wall of the eye against the detached retina
Retinal Detachment This is when a sensory layer becomes separated from the pigmented layer
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