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GU 10 Peds Urology

Pediatric Urology

Which type of vasculitis is this?: weak pulses in upper extremities Takayasu's arteritis
Which type of vasculitis is this?: necrotizing granulomas of the lung and necrotizing glomerulonephritis Wegner's
Which type of vasculitis is this?: necrotizing immune complex inflammation of visceral/renal vessels Polyarteritis nodosa
Which type of vasculitis is this?: young male smoker Buerger's
Which type of vasculitis is this?: young Asian women Takayasu
Which type of vasculitis is this?: young asthmatics Churg-Strauss
What is the tx for super vena cava syndrome? Radiation (reduces size of tumor and decreases obstruction) and steroids
What 2 disorders should come to mind when a neonate has meconium ileus? CF and Hirschsprung's
MC age of Wilms tumor? 2-4yo
MC presenting sx in Wilms tumor? Palpable flank mass May also have abd pain, hematuria, HTN.
What syndrome is a/w Wilms tumor? WAGR: Wilms tumor, Aniridia, GU abnormalities, mental Retardation
MC obstructive urethral lesion in infants and newborns? Posterior urethral valves
How are posterior urethral valves dx? VOiding cystourethrogram
Physical exam findings in posterior urethral valves? Distended midline abdominal mass (this is the bladder) with UTI in a male child
Epispadias is a/w what other GU anomaly? Exstrophy of the bladder (part of bladder presents outside of body)
Complications of surgical correction of urethral displacement (hypospadias, epispadias)? Urethrocutaneous fistula
How old would a child have to be before diagnosis of a nocturnal enuresis could be made? 5yo
A 4yo boy is diagnosed with a UTI. WHat study should be performed next? Voiding cystourethrogram (VCUG)
What are the recommended therapies for nocturnal enuresis (long-term and short-term)? Long term: bed-wetting alarm (has most long-term success) Short term: imipramine x6wks, DDVAP, or indomethacin
A 3yo girl present with an abd mass, hematuria, and HTN. Most likely dx? Wilms tumor
A male newborn has a distended palpable bladder and oliguria. What is the MCC of congenital urethral obstruction? Posterior urethral valves
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