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GU 8 Bladder D/O

Bladder and Ureteral Disorders

What biostatistical calculation looks at individuals with and without dz and determines the likelihood of exposure to a risk factor? Odds ratio
What is the empiric tx for pneumonia in a 2 month old? In a 2 year old? 2mo: macrolide (azithro or erythro) +/- cefotaxime. 2yo: amox or ampicillin
Which RTA is a/w abnormal HCO3- and rickets? Type 2 (proximal)
Safe drugs to treat UTI in pregnant woman? Nitrofurantoin, amox or ampicillin, or cephalosporins x7d
3 drugs for treating UTI? How long to treat uncomplicated? How long to treat relapsing infxn? Amox, bactrim, or fluoroquinolone x3d. x14d if relapsing.
MC type of bladder cancer? What is it a/w? Transitional cell. Tobacco smoking
What is a/w squamous cell CA of the bladder? Schistosoma hematobium in developing countries. Also want to evaluate these pts for TB.
Where is adenocarcinoma of the bladder usually found? On the dome. Urachal remnant.
Painless, gross hematuria in a 45yo male smoker. Likely dx? Bladder CA
Initial diagnostic study for suspected bladder CA? Cytoscopy with biopsy if lesions are visualized
What is the next step in the mgmt of a woman with uncomplicated cystitis? Abx x3d. Treat empirically with cipro, amox, bactrim, cephalexin, or nitrofurantoin.
What are the risk factors for developing bladder cancer? Smoking, aniline dye, Schistosoma haematobium, cyclophosphamide, recurrent UTI, petroleum byproducts, male sex
A 72yo smoker presents with painless gross hematuria. WHat study should you order to confirm the dx of bladder cancer? Cytoscopy and biopsy
What are the 3 main types of urinary incontinence? Stress, urge, and overflow
What diagnostic tests will confirm the dx of overflow incontinence? Bladder US or catheterized post-void residual test
WHat is the first step in treating bladder outlet obstruction? Place Foley to relieve obstruction and decompress the bladder
A pt has signs of peritonitis 6h after sustaining blunt trauma to a fully distended bladder, and you are suspicious of a rupture of the bladder. What portion of the bladder must have been injured to allow for a chemical peritonitis to develop? Dome (only portion covered by peritoneum; rupture of other parts would be contained in the pelvis)
What are the risk factors for stress incontinence? Obesity, multiparity, femal, h/o urethral or prostatic surgery
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