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GU 5 Renal Failure

Renal Failure

What is the ACLS tx for asystole? CPR 30:2, 1mg epi q3-5min, evaluate and tx causes. Key is this is not a shockable rhythm
A pt is found to have fever, rash, elevated Cr, and eosinophilia. What is the dx? AIN (most commonly 2/2 drugs)
Does a cohort study identify incidence or prevalence? both
Granular casts are suggestive of what type of disease? ATN
Red cell casts are suggestive of what type of disease? Glomerular or vasculitic dz
Pyuria with waxy casts are suggestive of what type of disease? Interstitial dz or obstruction (pyuria alone suggests infxn)
FeNa <1% suggests _______. Prerenal cause
What ratio suggests prerenal cause of acute renal failure (ARF)? BUN:Cr ratio >20 (FeNa <1% also suggests a prerenal cause for ARF)
FeNa >2% suggests _______. ATN
What should you do in case of a pt with s/s of ARF with evidence of nephrotic or nephritic syndromes? Get a biopsy ASAP
Tx for ARF? prevent fluid overload, stop drugs causing ATN, dietary protein restriction, steroids, and dialysis
MCC of chronic kidney dz (CKD)? HTN and DM
Labs in CKD? Incr K, incr phosphate, decr Ca, decr Na, metabolic acidosis. Also increased BUN and Cr. Urine osmolality similar to serum osmolality.
What causes anemia in CKD? Decreased renal production of erythropoietin
What are the Cr and BUN cut-offs indicating a need for dialysis in CKD pts? Cr>12 and BUN >100 (ay ay ay!)
Which test is used for screening diabetic pts for kidney damage? Urine microalbumin
WHat BP meds are renal protective and preferred in the tx of HTN in pts with CKD? ACE-i/ARB
WHat meds are necessary in pts with ESRD? Phosphate binders, statins, vit D, erythropoietin + iron (if anemic), daily ASA (81mg), ACE-i/ARB (for BP), glucose control (if diabetic), and loop diuretics (if not on dialysis yet)
What is the MCC of death in dialysis pts? Cardiovasc dz
Created by: sarah3148