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Embalming theory101

Embalming question 1-100

a hand pump A method of obtaining pressure for the injection of arterial fluid
Hydroaspirator Which of the following is NOT a method of obtaining pressure for injections of aterial fluid?
an arterial tube An instrument which is inserted into the artery for the introduction of fluid
groove director An instrument which may be used to guide an arterial or vein tube into a vessel
The purpose of the embalming analysis is to determine the proper embalming Technic and chemicals to use.
intrinsic or extrinsic Variable factors encountered with every dead body are classified as
Atmospheric conditions Which of the following is an extransic factor to be considered in embalming a dead body?
needle injector The method of mouth closure which employes wires attached to the small tacks which are incerted into the upper and lower jaw is called the
mandibular suture The method of mouth closure employing a suture passed through the septum of the nose and around the mandible is called the
lower one-third of the orbit. In the normal eye closure, the eyelids should meet in the
sternoclavicular articulation The right common carotid artery begins at the level of the
superior border of the thyroid cartilage The common carotid arteries terminate at the level of the
Sternoclavicular articulation to the anterior surface of the lobe of the ear The linear guide for the common carotid artery is from the
center of the axillary space parallel to the long axis of the upper extremity The linear guide for the axillary artery is from the
center of the base of the axillary space to the center of the inner bend of the elbow The linear guide for the brachial artery is from the
center of the antecubital fossa to the center of the base of the index finger The linear guide for the radial artery is from the
center of the inguinal ligament to the center of the medial condyle of the femur. The linear guide for the femur artery is from the
center of the popliteal space parallel to the long axis of the lower extremity The linear guide for the popliteal artery is form the
Ulnar artery On the surface of the forarm from the center of the antecubital fossa to a point between the forth and fifth fingers is the linear guide for the
posterior tibial artery From the center of the popliteal space to a point midway between the medial malleolus and the calcaneus bone is the linear guide for the
dorsalis pedis artery From the center of the anterior surface of the ankle joint to a point between the first and second toe is the linear guide for the
From the lateral border of the patella to the anterior surface of the ankle joint is the linear guide for the anterior tibial artery
The anatomical guide for the ___ artery is along the medial border of the sternocleidmastoid muscle. common carotide
The anatomical guide for the ___ artery is posterior to the medial border of the belly of the biceps brachii muscle brachial
femoral Through the center of the femoral triangle bordered laterally by the sartorius muscle and medially by the adductor longus muscle us the anatomical guide for the __ artery.
axillary Just behind the medial border of the coracobrachialis muscle is the anatomical guide for the ___ artery.
radial The anatomical guide for the __ artery is just lateral to the tendon of the flexor carpi radialis muscle.
lateral The ulnar artery lies along the ___ border of the flexor carpi ulnaris muscle.
subclavian The right __ artery is shorter then the left one due to its orgin
external iliac The ___ artery changes its name to femoral and is used in the embalming of an autopsied body.
decending aorta The inferior vena cava is the vein which accompanies the
sartorius In the femoral triangle the femoral artery is bordered laterally by the ___ muscle.
adductor longus The femoral artery is bordered medially by the ___ muscle.
adductor magnus The femoral artery originates at a point behind the center of the inguinal ligament and terminates at the opening of the ___ muscle.
popliteal The ___ artery which originates at the opening in the adductor magus muscle, terminates at the inferior border of the popliteous muscle.
Time Weighted Average (TWA) A concentration of .75 parts formaldehyde per million parts of air (.75 ppm) averaged over an 8 hour period.
Short Term Exposure Limit (STEL) A concentration of 2 parts formaldehyde per million parts of air (2 ppm) during a 15 minute period.
Immediately Dangerous to Life or Health (IDLH) The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) defines IDLH as 20 parts formaldehyde per million parts of air (1996);NIOSH has determined that at this level of exposure serious injury and or death may result
anterior tibial artery The ___ artery courses along the lateral margin of the crest of the tibia, passes through the center of the anterioir surface of the ankle joint and becomes the dorsalis pedis artery.
anasarca Distention of the body tissues is a complication of
age, weight, disease One of the factors to be considered in selecting the artery to be injected is
1/2 When using the gravity method of obtaining pressure for injecting aterial fluid, the embalmer can expect to receive approximately ___ pounds per pressure per foot of elevation above the point of injection.
set before the rate of flow When injecting a body with any mechanical injector, the desired pressure should be
one point The injection and drainage procedure in which the injection and drainage are accomplished through the same incision is called
PEL of STEL permissible exposure limit..under 2ppm
PEL for TWA permissible exposure limit...under .5ppm
Restricted Cervical Injection method of injection wherein both common carotid arteries are raised
Split Injection injection from one site and drainage from another
Primary Dilution the dilution attained as the embalming solution is mixed in the embalming machine
Secondary Dilution weakening of the embalming fluid by the fluids in the body, both vascular and interstitial
Distribution (Fluid) the movement of embalming solutions from the point of injection throughout the arterial system and into the capillaries
Diffusion (Fluid) passage of some components of the injected embalming solution from an intravascular to an extravascular location; movement of the embalming solutions from the capillaries into the interstitial fluids.
Osmosis diffusion of molecules through a semipermeable membrane from a place of higher concentration to a place of lower concentration until the concentration on both sides is equal
Pressure (Filtration) positive intravascular pressure causing passage of embalming fluid through the capillary wall to diffuse with the interstitial fluids; causing passage of embalming fluid from an intravascular to an extravascular position
diminish secondary dilution, remove intravasculor discolorations, and prevent distention The embalmer should remove as much blood from the body as possible to
alternate The method of drainage in relaton to injection in which an amount of aterial fluid is injected and then drainage is allowed to flow for a period of time, each one seperatly is the __ method.
Intermittent Drainage Restricted Drainage; method of drainage in which the drainage is stopped at intervals while the injection continues
continuous method of drainage in relation to injection in which both injection and drainage are allowed to flow freely throughout the operation is the ___ method.
femoral artery Which of the following blood vessels is in the orgin of the popliteal artery?
case analysis Those pre embalming consideratons given to the case at hand are called
tilted to the right approximatly 15 degrees During embalming the head should be
index The amound of HCHO formaldehyde measured in grams dissoved in 100mL of water refers to
Preservative chemicals which inactivate saprophytic bacteria, render unsuitable for nutrition the media upon which such bacteria thrive, and which will arrest decomposition by altering enzymes and lysins of the body as well as converting the decomposable tissue to for
anticoagulants Chemimals which retard the increase in viscosity of blood are
surfactant The component of arterial fluid which is designed to decrease the molecular conhesion at the surface of a liquid is a
dye A component of aterial fluids which imparts color to a solvent is a
humectants Chemical additives that act as moisture retainers in the tissues are termed
100 ppm There is an immediate danger to health and life if exposed to formaldehyde levels above
water conditioner s Chemical additives employed to offset the effects of water with an excessive mineral content are called
definite firming High index fluids generally cause
coagulation the action of ch2o formaldehyde on protein is termed
with aterial injections Co-injections fluids are used
call the coroner/police/medical examiner If, at the removal, you suspect foul play you should:
humectant A 25 year old male died 36 hours prior to the funeral home receiving the body. It was discovered outside in the summer. An autopsy was performed after 2 hours of refrigeration. Death was an aneurysm. The family wants an open casket. QUESTION: In addition
umbilica l Of the 9 regions of the abdomen, the central region is called:
formaldehyde grey Discoloration resulting when formaldehyde reacts with hemoglobin in the tissues is called:
basilic vein Which of the following is associated with the brachial artery?
ulnar artery A secondary injection point used to clear the hand and fingers is the:
no change in color Finger ligation on a cadaver will cause:
Injection Cavity embalming consists of two steps, aspiration and:
2 ppm/15 minutes The Formaldehyde Standard for short-term exposure to formaldehyde is:
cavity Treatment Which of the following direct treatments, other than by arterial injection of the contents of the body cavities and the lumina of the hollow viscera, usually accomplished by aspiration and injection?
discoloration Any abnormal color appearing in or upon the human body is called:
1, 2, 3 Which of the following should be done prior to cremation? 1-Remove jewelry as directed, 2-Obtain permission and remove pacemaker, 3-Remove prosthetic devices, 4-Remove natural dentition
Inject slowly A death was from natural causes, but the body was refrigerated for 24 hours prior to embalming. No autopsy is performed. In order to minimize abdominal distension and prevent purge, it is important to:
cadaveric Lividity Livor mortis is synonymous with:
massage cream Natural depressions on the face may be destroyed by excessive use of:
1 and 3 Which of the following are methods of evaluating and monitoring fluid distribution? 1-Staining dyes, 2-Abdominal distension, 3-Tissue dryness, 4-Cyanosis
anasarca Severe generalized edema is known as:
2, 3 and 4 Arterial tube connections can be identified as which of the following types: 1-Quick connect, 2-Threaded, 3-Slip-type, 4-Luer-lok
popliteal The LEAST likely artery to use on an unautopsied infant is the:
disaster For which of the following is it essential that hospitals and community services have a plan for the expeditious mobilization and use of their services?
purse string The suture normally used to close a trocar puncture would be the:
1and 2 Hemorrhagic, purulent vesicles should be drained during the embalming process and treated through surface embalming because they: 1-Interfere with restorative art, 2-Are infectious, 3-Cause atrophy in there remains, 4-Contain antigens
3-4 gallons A 125 to 175 pound adult would require a minimum injection of:
Severely dehydrated remains require: more humectant
suture with a baseball stitch If the lips do not stay closed, DO NOT:
8 hrs What is the TWA for HCHO?
hydrothorax Another name for pleural effusion is
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