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Epidem 3 Ethics

Epidemiology and Ethics 3: Ethics

What is the tx for Guillan Barre syndrome? Plasmapheresis or IVIG + supportive care
What is the cause of chest pain in a young pt that has angina at rest with ST seg elev but norm cardiac enzymes? Prinzmetal's angina (vasospasm)
What infxn can cause diarrhea and pseudoappendicitis? Yersinia enterolitica
What should you do in the case of a child's parents refusing a clearly life-saving tx for their child in an emergency situation? Give tx. In non-emergent situations, get a court order first.
Under what circumstances are you allowed to break confidentiality with a pt? Pt permission, reportable dz, harm to self or others, penetrating assault wounds (report to officers)
What are reportable diseases? HIV, STDs, hepatitis, Lyme dz, food borne illnesses, meningitis, rabies, and TB
A cancer pt is emergently intubated in the ER after a MVA. THe pt's family brings you a DNR signed by the pt stating that she does not wish to be intubated. What do you do next? Extubate pt
WHere in the US is euthanasia legal? Nowhere. Only physician-assisted suicide (you give the pt a prescription for a lethal dose, but the pt takes the drugs) is legal in Oregon and Washington.
Does a spouse's wishes override an incapacitated patient's living will? Nope. Must follow the living will.
Why can a heavily intoxicated pt refusing medical intervention be treated against his will temporarily? B/c he is not competent
Created by: sarah3148