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MT Ch 9 Test's

Test questions

A physician who specializes in diagnosing and treating malignant disorders such as tumors or cancer Oncologist
small finger like projections that line the small intestine, containing blood vessels and lacteals. Blood vessels in the villi absorb nutrients from digested food except for fat which is transported by the lacteals Villi
a clear watery fluid that transports waste products and proteins out of the cells between body tissue Lymph
lymphatic system is sometimes reffered to as secondary circulatory system
collects lymph from the right side of the head and neck, upper right quadrants of the body and the right arm right lymphatic duct
largest lymphatic vessel in body, collects lymph from the left side of the head and neck, upper left quadrant of the trunk, and both legs thoracic duct
located under the armpits axillary lymph nodes
located in the groin area of the lower abdomen inguinal lymph nodes
what does the spleen do? has the hemolytic function of destroying worn out red blood cells and releasing their hemoglobin for reuse
any substance that the body regards as being foreign and includes viruses,bacteria,toxins, and transplanted tissue is called? antigen
what is the disease fighting protien created by the immune system in response to the presence of a specific antigen called? antibody
white blood cells formed in bone marrow as stems cells are called? lymphocytes
a group of proteins that normally circulate the blood in an inactive state and are activated by contact with unspecific antigens such as foreign blood cells and bacteria complement
a severe response to an allergen anaphylaxis or anaphylactic shock
acquired immunodeficiency syndrome is the most advanced and fatal stage of HIV infection aids
skeletal system digestive system nervous system integumentary system endocrine system rheumatoid arthritis/ effects joints crohns disease/effects intestines multiple sclerosis/brain and spinal cord scleroderma/skin graves disease/thyroid gland
microorganism that causes disease inside humans pathogen
spiral shaped bacteria spirochetes
these develop when an antibiotic fails to kill all of the bacteria in targets antibiotic resistant bacteria
a plant or animal that lives on or within another living organism at the expense of that organism parasite
herpes zoster,infectious mononucleosis,measles,mumps,rubella,rabies,varicella,west nile virus all virus's
the study of the prevention,causes and treatments of tumors and cancer oncology
something that is harmful, and capable of spreading to distant body sites including other body syste, can become progressively worse and is progressively life threatening malignant tumor
form of treatment that disrupts the blood supply to the tumor antiangiogenesis
surgery chemotherapy-chemoprevention,antineoplastic, cytotoxic drugs radiation therapy- brachytherapy,teletherapy additional therapy- adjuvant therapy,targeted therapy cancer treatments
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