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Gastro 6 (lg.Int)


What is the drug of choice for trigeminal neuralgia? Carbamazepine
What is the initial treatment for a child presenting with an acute asthma attack? IV steroids, albuterol, Oxygen
A normalizing PCO2 is a pt having an asthma exacerbation may indicate what problem? impending respiratory failure
What radiological studies can be used to diagnose appendicitis? CT scan with oral contrast, CT with rectal contrast +/- IV contrast, CT scan without contrast, US good first study in kids
What is the tx for appendicitis? NPO, IVF, pain control, Abx, if presentation w/in 24-72 hours of sx onset then surgical removal of appendix. If sx present for >5 days then Abx, IVF, bowe rest, then interval appendectomy about 8 weeks later.
What is the treatment for appendiceal abscess? percutaneous drainage(interventional radiology)
What is the classic presentation of gallstone ileus? episodic subacute obstruction in an elderly woman-->vague, recurrent abdominal pain and vomiting that recurs as the stone repeatedly lodges and dislodges.
What is the classic characteristic of acute mesenteric ischemia? Pain out of proportion to exam
In a woman with history and labs suggestive of acute appendicitis, what additional lab should be done first before surgery? pregnancy test
Elderly patient presents to the ER with vomiting and abdominal pain and distention. AXR revels 2 distinct but sequential portions of bowel in the sigmoid colon that are distended with air. What's the tx? Colonoscopy
What might you see on CT scan of the abdomen in a pt suspected of having ischemic colitis? bowel wall thickening, air w/in bowel wall(pneumatosis coli)
What is the classic time-fram for which post-op ileus resolves in the following part of the gut: small bowel <24 hours
What is the classic time-fram for which post-op ileus resolves in the following part of the gut: stomach 48-72 hours
What is the classic time-fram for which post-op ileus resolves in the following part of the gut: colon 3-5 days
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