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Gastro 5 (Sm Int.)


What is the next step in the management of a pt that comes to the ER with severe abdominal pain and AXR show free air in the abdomen? Exploratory lap
Which form of IBD causes perianal fissuring and fistulas? Crohn's dz
In which form of IBD would you see a "lead pipe" appearance on barium enema? Ulcerative colitis (UC)
What serum lab finding might help you distinguish Crohn's form UC? Crohn's will have a +ASCA and UC will have a +pANCA
What are the mcc of small bowel obstruction? ABCs: Adhesions, bulge(encarcerated hernias), Cancer. Less common causes are volvulus, intussusception, Crohns, gallstone ileus, bezoar, bowel wall hematoma from trauma, inflamm stricture, congenital stricute, congenital malformation, radiation enteritis
What are the classic signs small BO? abdominal pain, n/v, +/- recent flatus/small BM, hyperactive high-pitched bowel sounds
What radiologic findings help you confirm the dx of SBO? dilated loops of small bowel proximal to the obstruction seen on plain film abdominal series or CT scan of the abdomen.
What is the mc benign small bowel tumor? leiomyoma
What is the mc malignant small bowel tumor? adenocarcinoma
What is the mcc of large bowel obstruction? Neoplasms
What is the treatment for Crohn's dz? 5-ASA (mesalamine and sulfasalazine), Azathioprine or metcaptopurine for maintenance, anti-TNF agents, exacerbations use steroids and abx.
Which signs and sx are associated with IBS? Abdominal pain relieved with defecation, a change in stool frequency or form, straining, urgency, feeling of incomplete passage, bloating and mucus
The abdominal pain for ischemic colitis is ____more/less severe than small bowel ischemia? Less severe
In Crohns dz which part of the GI tract might be involved? It can involve the entire GI tract.
Crohn's or UC?: watery diarrhea Crohns
Crohn's or UC?: skip lesions Crohns
Crohn's or UC?: "lead pipe" colon, w/o haustra and colon shortoning UC
Crohn's or UC?: treatment is Mesalamine Crohns
Crohn's or UC?: significant increased risk of colon CA? UC
Crohn's or UC?: bloody diarrhea UC
Crohn's or UC?: colectomy is curative UC
Always order a ______test in a woman with abdominal pain. b-hCG
Postoperative ileus typically lasts _____days <5
Volvus tends to occur in ______ and ______ (which population of people). elderly and infants
A "double bubble" sign on AXR indicates what?? Volvulus
Created by: shelybel