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Quality Safety EBP

What is Quality in healthcare? Care that is Safe, effective, patient, centered, timely, efficient and equitable.
What is Safety in healthcare? The prevention of harm. And harm is temporary or permanent impairment of physical or phys
What is the role of the nurse in quality and safety? Most contact with patient, well positioned to prevent harm, nurse education with emphasis in critical thinking, a culture of safety (preventing harm without blame)
What does it mean for a nurse to demonstrate mindfulness? Expect the worst, Communicate, Anticipate, simulate, decide
What are the current national patient safety goals? 1. Identify patients correctly 2. Improve staff communication 3. Use medicine safetly (label everything, med reconciliation; anticoag education) 4. Prevent Infection 5. Id Suicide risks 6. Prevent wrong site surgery
What are the five steps of the Evidence Based Practice process? Identify the problem, Review research, Critical Appraisal, Application & Implementation, Evaluation
How do we identify the problem in step one of EBP process? Ask a question using PICO
What does PICO stand for? Population of Interest, Intervention of Interest, Comparison of Interest, Outcome (measurable & relevant)
How do we identify research evidence in step two of the EBP process? Locate resources, Search literature, Chart audits, Pathophysiology review, Sytematic reviews, Clinical Experts (right knowledge right source)
Where can the best quality info of EBP be found? Cochrane Sytematic reviews
How do we critically appraise info of EBP ib step 3? Critically appraise for its validity, reliability, relevance & applicability, Quality, quantity, consistency
What should be considered in step four, Application and Implementation of the practice? Strength of evidence, relevance to clinical setting, patient preference & values, cost effectiveness, clinical expertise, staffing, interdisciplary cooperation, environmental factors
Created by: zj mepn