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Physiology of Reproduction

What produces eggs, estrogen and progesterone? Ovary
Another name for egg? Ova
Where do the ova develop? In the follicle and rupture
Ova are guided into these after release. Oviduct
Where is the site of fertilization? Oviduct
Comes in various shapes. Uterus
Cows and horses have... short uterine horns and larger uterine bodies
Pigs have... 2 long horns and short uterine bodies
The uterus is the site for what? Embryo development
This is ther lower outlet of the uterus. Cervix
The cervix is what during pregnancy? tightly sealed
This organ is open and moist at the height of estrus. Cervix
This is the organ of copulation. Vagina
the vagina is the... birth canal
The testicles produce what? Sperm
Sperm is generated in? semiferous tubules
The storage site for sperm is the? Epididymis
The vas deferens are used for? ejaculation
What protects the testicles? Scrotum
The muscle in the scrotum is called what? Tunica dartos
male organ of copulation. penis
which animals have a fibroelastic penile structure? bull, ram, and boar
what shape does a fibroelastic penile structure? S-Shaped, when relaxed
Def: Puberty? Sexual maturity, able to mate, and produce offspring.
Age of puberty for cattle 12 months
Age of puberty for swine 6 - 7 months
Age of puberty for sheep 6 - 7 months
Age of puberty for horses 15 - 18 months
How many day inveral is the Estrous cycle? 21
Ovulation occus in this stage of Estrous. Estrus or heat.
Ovulation is caused by? lutenizing
The luteal phase produces what hormone? Progesterone
The Corpus Luteum regress during this stage of Estrous. Follicular Phase
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