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7 YearsinTibetReview

Review of the geographical aspects and cultural aspects of Seven Years in Tibet

Prayer wheels do what? Keep spinning to keep prayers p.88 Also known as "Mani wheels" to tibetians.
What is a Kundun? Means "presence", they call the Dalai Lama this.
What obstacles did the men from the west have to overcome? Language, mountains,culture,ecapeing prison,westerners not allowed, needed a permit, ect pg.37
What the author learned. Slower pace of life, culture, language,new appreciation for Tibetian life.
What color is favored by the Dalai Lama? Yellow pg 186
Rebirth When someone dies they turn into something else such as a animal. And respect of nature.
Capital Punishment Punishment was unhumane and was strange such as cutting off the hands and lashingsor floggings. Not bill more harsh.
Oracle Disconnects body and spirit.
Behavior for people of Tibet. Happy, hospitable, love, laughing, slower pace of life.
How did Tibetans dispose of bodies and death? Bodies must be chopped up, and fed to birds or burned, or sometimes have a water burial. Body is useless when no soul is in it.
What are monasteries? Monasteries are all over Tibet and this is where monks live. (Also women can not be monks.)
What was the author's connection to the Dalai Lama? He was his tutor about everything in the western world, geography, science, English.
Tibet vs. China Tibet and China did not like each other. And Tibet did not like China because they are a communist country.
Tibet markets They were crowded stalls selling things like scarfs and clothes. pg 49 and 218
Tibet education Tibet had a medicine school and most things were taught in monasteries. (Slates were also used in education so that they can erase things.
Feelings toward hunting Do not kill animals and have lots of respect for animals it could be your grandmother!
Hair Shows status in society. High worn up= high status. Pig tails=low status
Butter tea You can drink up to 60 days, served hot and not good
White scarves polite given to honor people; polite ritual
Honey illegal, could be traded and was hard to get
Projects that the western people did (harcher and althsniter) Irrigation systems, filming for Dalai Lama, gardening, building tennis court, ice skating, fountain, Theatre (movie)
What did the Dalai Lama learn? Life, culture, and Technology of the west
Tibetan soldiers Solders were volunteers and they were not well trained and got money from spoils.
Tibetan Religion buddism reincarnation very importatant and Dalai Lama center of religion.
Feelings about Dalai Lama Very respected, people love him and consider him as a god.
Created by: rhammock15



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