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N112 Quiz 1

ARA A vidabrine
AZT zidovudine (Retrovir)
CPZ Compazine (prochlorperazine)
DPT Demerol-Phenegrean-Thorazine
DTO Diluted tincture of opium, or deoderized tincture of opium (Paragoric)
HCl hydrochloric acid or hydrochloride
HCT hydrocortisone
HCTZ Hydrochlorothiazide
MgSO4 magnesium sulfate
MS, MSO4 morphine sulfate
MTX methotrexate
PCA procainamide
PTU propylthiaouracil
T3 Tylenol with codeine No.3
TAC triamcinolone
ZnSO4 zinc sulfate
Nitro drip nitroglycerin infusion
Norflox norfloxacin
IV Vanc intravenous vancomycin
AD, AD, AU Right ear, Left ear, each ear
OD, OS, OU Right eye, Left eye, each eye
BT Bedtime
cc Cubic centimeter
D/C Discharge or discontinue
IJ Injection
IN Intranasal
HS Half-strength
hs At bedtime, hours of sleep
IU International unit
o.d. or OD Once daily
OJ Orange juice
Per os By mouth, orally
q.d. or QD Every day
qhs nightly at bedtime
qn nightly OR at bedtime
q.o.d. or QOD Every other day
q1d daily
q6PM, etc. Every evening at 6 PM
SC, SQ, sub q Subcutaneous
ss Sliding scale (insulin) or 1/2 (apothecary)
SSRI Sliding scale regular insulin
SSI Sliding scale insulin
j/d One daily
TIW or tiw (also BIW or biw) TIW: 3 times a week (BIW: 2 times a week)
U or u Unit
UD As directed ("ut dictum")
a.c. antecibum (before meals)
abd abdominal; abdomen
ad lib ad libitum (as directed)
ADL activities of daily living
AKA above knee amputation
AMA against medical advice
amb ambulatory
a.m., A.M. ante meridiem (morning)
AMS altered mental status
aq water (aqua)
AU aures unitas or auris uterque (both ears)
ax axillary
B/C blood culture
BE barium enema
BIB brought in by
b.i.d. bis in die (twice a day)
BKA below knee amputation
BM bowel movement
BP blood pressure
BS bowel sounds
bx biopsy
CA carcinoma, cancer
CBD common bile duct
CHF congestive heart failure
C/O complaints of
COPD chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
C&S culture and sensitivity
CT Scan computerized tomography scan
CXR chest x-ray
dc discharge, discontinue
DIC disseminated intravascular coagulation
DKA diabetic keto-acidosis
DOB date of birth
DTR deep tendon reflex
DVT deep vein thrombosis
dx diagnosis
ECG, EKG electrocardiogram
elix elixir
ETOH ethyl alcohol
FROM full range of motion
FUO fever of undertimined/unknown origin
FWB full weight bearing
fx fracture
GB gallbladder
GSW gunshot wound
GTT glucose tolerance test
gtt drops
HCT hematocrit
hgb hemoglobin
H&P hhistory and physical
HOB head of bed
HTN hypertension
hx history
I&D incision and drainage
I&O intake and output, in and out
IOC intern on call
JP Jackson-Pratt drain
JVD jugular venous distention
KUB kidney, ureter, bladder
L liter
LE lower extremity
LLQ left lower quadrant
LOC level of consciousness
Mets metastases
MI myocardial infarction
Midnoc midnight
min minute
MOM milk of magnesia
MVA motor vehicle accident
N/C no complaints
NG nasogastric
NKA no known allergies
NPO, npo nothing by mouth
nsg nursing
NSR normal sinus rhythm
N&V, N/V nausea and vomiting
NWB nonweight bearing
OD oculus dexter (right eye)
OU oculus uterque, each eye (both eyes)
O/D overdose
OH outside hospital
OOB out of bed
O&P ova and parasites
OP operation
ORIF open reduction internal fixation
OS oculus sinister (left eye)
PERRLA pupils equal, round, reactive to light and accomodation
p.m., P.M. post meridiem (evening)
PMH past medical history
PO per, os, by mouth
prn pro re nata (as needed)
pt patient
PT physical therapy
PWB partial weight bearing
q every hour
qhs every hour of sleep
qid quater (in) die (four times a day)
R/O rule out
RT respiratory therapy
RTC return to clinic
Rx prescription
S/A sugar adn acetone
SOB signs and symptoms
STAT statim (immediately)
SW stab wound
t.i.d. three times a day (ter in die)
TWE tap water enema
TX treatment/therapy
URI upper respiratory infection
US, UTZ ultrasound
UTI urinary tract infection
VO verbal order
VS vital signs
VSS vital signs stable
WB weight bearing
WBAT weight bearing as tolerated
W/C wheelchair
W/D wet to dry dressing change
WDWN well-developed, well-nourished
WNL within normal limits
YO year old
Florence Nightingale founder of modern nursing, she was influenced in developing nursing education, practice, and administration
Harriet Tubman "Moses of Her People" for her work in the Underground Railroad; during Civil War she nursed the sick and suffering of her own race
Lavina L. Dock nursing leader and suffragist who was active in the protest movement for women's rights that resulted in the U.S. Constitution amendendment allowing women to vote in 1920
Lillian Wald founder of the Henry Street Settlement and Visiting Nurse Service, which provided nursing and social services and organized educational and cultural activities; considered the founder of public health nursing
Linda Richards America's first trained nurse
Margaret Higgins Sanger considered the founder of Planned Parenthood, was imprisoned for opening the first birth control information clinic in Baltimore in 1916
Mary Breckinridge a nurse who practiced midwivery in England, Australia, and New Zealand; founded the Frontier Nursing Service in Kentucky in 1925 to provide family-centered primary health care to rural populations
Sairy Gamp a character in the Charles Dickens book Martin Chizzlewit who represented the negative image of nurses in the early 1800s
Sojourner Truth an abolitionist, Underground Railroad agent, preacher, and women's rights advocate, she was a nurse for more than 4 years during the Civil War and worked as a nurse and counselor for the Freedman's Relief Association after the war
Ʒ dram
ᶬℓ Minim
x3d For three day
> and < Greater than and less than
/ (slash mark) Separate two doses or indicates “per”
@ At
& And
+ Plus or and
° hour
Ǿ zero, null
a before
p after
= equals
greater than or equal
less than or equal
increase (i)
1⁰ primary
2⁰ secondary
3rd third
0 negative
changed to
~ approximate
+ positive
- absent, negative
Clara Barton a schoolteacher who volunteered as a nurse during the Civil War. Most notably, she organized the American Red Cross, which linked with the International Red Cross when the U.S. Congress ratified the Geneva Convention in 1882
Dorothea Dix woman leader who provided nursing care during the Civil War
Mary Mahoney first African American professional nurse
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