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Cooper 08-22-12

Science Chapter 19 & 22 Space

What did people around the world connect to the patterns they saw in the sky? stories about imaginary beings
What has greatly increased out knowledge about the universe? new tools and scientific theories
What causes objects in space to be grouped together in difference ways? Gravity
What is Earth's diameter? 13,000 km (8,000 miles)
What is an orbit? Path of an object in space as it moves around another object because of gravity
What is the solar system? the sun, planets, and various smaller bodies
The only star in our solar system Sun
What galaxy is our solar system a part of? Milky Way
What is a galaxy? Millions of stars held together by their own gravity.
Why does our galaxy appear to us as a hazy band of light? because most of the stars are so far away
What is the universe? Everything - space and all matter and energy in it
What is a constellation? Group of stars that form a pattern in the sky
What relationship exists among the stars in a constellation? They often appear to be grouped together when viewed from Earth but are actually far apart from one another
Why can't you see all of the constellations at once? Earth blocks half of space from your view
What star does the North Pole point to? North Star (or Polaris) - Directly over your head
What can you use Polaris to figure out? Directions or location
What can't you see a star's movement? Because you're so far away
What does the Greek word for "planet" mean? Wanderer
Why is it easy to see the movements of Mars and Venus? The two closest to the Earth
What led early astronomers to believe that Earth was at the center of the universe? Because it appears that the sky was moving around Earth
What did astronomers eventually discover? Earth and other planets orbit the sun
How many stars are in the entire universe? More than we can count
The rotation of Earth makes constellations __ Appear to change positions
Polaris seems to stay in the same place because __ It is straight above the North Pole
Other stars near the North Pole seem to __ move in a circle around Polaris
earth, galaxy, solar system, universe What is the correct order from largest to smallest? Universe, galaxy, solar system Earth
The Milky Way is one of about __ 100 billion galaxies
What have astronomers determined to be found throughout the universe by looking at the spectra of light from stars and galaxies? The same elements are found throughout the universe and the same physical forces and processes are everywhere.
What is the closest galaxy to us? Andromeda Galaxy
How long does it take the light from the galaxy closest to us take to reach the Earth? 2 million years
Why can astronomers learn about the past by looking at distant galaxies? They can see how the universe developed over the past.
A change in the observed wavelength or frequency of a wave that occurs when the source of the wave or the observer is moving. Doppler Effect
The Doppler Effect occurs with __ as well as __. light, sound
Light from a galaxy moving toward Earth will have a __ shift in the spectrum. blue
Light from a galaxy moving away from Earth will have a __ shift in the spectrum. red
In what way are galaxies moving? the universe is expanding which moves the galaxies apart
How are galaxies moving in relation to each other? the father away they are the faster they are moving
What did astronomers conclude about all of the matter in the universe? the universe itself is expanding
The moment in time when the universe started to expand out of an extremely hot, dense state the Big Bang
When did the Big Bang occur? 14 billion years ago
What is one important source of evidence for the Big Bang? microwave radiation
What happened to the matter and energy as the universe rapidly expanded? It went through a series of changes
What is one way that scientists are learning about the development of the universe? Performing experiments in particle accelerators
What do these huge machines do? expose matter to extreme conditions
When did the earliest stages of the universe's development occur? tiny fraction of a second
How long did it take for the first elements to form? 300,000 years
When did stars, planets, and galaxies begin to appear? within the next billion years
Created by: terri.french