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Yquyen 6

Chapter 1

Give an example of a retail medication order. Prescription
Medications are received and communicated to the pharmacy by: 1) presented by the patient 2) telephone 3) fax 4) email
What are Schedule II drugs? narcotics
Schedule II drugs have a specific criteria for (). presenting prescriptions
A written prescription order is written on a form that is normally () with certain (). pre-printed, information
A written prescription order must (). be completed in ink
A written prescription order must contain specific () when it is () in the (). info, received, pharmacy
Where is 'required info' written on the prescription? Upper portion
What is an example of required info and why? Patient's full name for positive ID
What is another example of required info and why? Date of issue of prescription b/c of expiration
Prescriptions are only valid for how long? With the exception of (). One year, prescriptions for controlled substances
How long are Schedule II-V drugs valid? 6 months or as little as three days
Examples of names and titles of possible prescribers? Doctor of medicine (MD), osteopathic medicine (DO), optometry (OD), dentistry (DDS), veterinary medicine (DVM), physician's assistance and nurse practitioners
What is the DEA #? Drug Enforcement Agency #, a 7-digit number issued to the prescriber or institution by the DEA
Purpose of DEA #? to prevent forgeries
What are DEA #'s required for? controlled substances only
DEA #'s begin with () letters. 2
First letter of the DEA # designates the () of the (). status, prescriber
Second letter of the DEA # is the () of the prescriber's (). first letter, last name
What is required in the middle portion of the required info of a prescription? Name of the drug prescribed: generic OR brand name
What is required in the middle portion of the required info of a prescription? Strength and dosage Ex: 40 mg tablets
What is required in the middle portion of the required info of a prescription? Quantity to be dispensed Ex: 20 tablets, 80 ml (liquid)
What is required in the middle portion of the required info of a prescription? Instructions for dosage
What is SIG? Instructions for dosage
What does the SIG entail? -numerical designations of the number of tablets, teaspoons, etc -are written in lowercase Roman Numerals
What is required in the middle portion of the required info of a prescription? Instructions for labeling -including what info is to be printed
What is required in the middle portion of the required info of a prescription? Signature of the prescriber
Rule for sig. of the prescriber? Must be in ink, no pre-stamped facsimiles are acceptable.
What is required in the middle portion of the required info of a prescription? Authorization for generic substitution
If the prescriber designates the () option, the prescription must be filled exactly as written. Dispense as written, DAW
What is required in the middle portion of the required info of a prescription? Refill info
What is required in the middle portion of the required info of a prescription? Instructions for preparation of the drug
Three bullets on instructions for preparation of the drug? -rarely seen on prescription form -if the drug needs to be in a certain form such as cream, lotion, or suppository instead of a tablet -if specific written instructions exist for preparation of the drug, it may be prepared by the technician
Verification of the DEA Number: At present, () prescribers are assigned with either a capital letter () or () as a first letter of the DEA number. As more DEA numbers are assigned, the letter () will probably be used, moving on to (), etc. top-level, A, B, C, D
Verification of the DEA Number: () (list examples) are assigned the letter M. Mid-level practitioners; physician assistants, nurse practitioners (A, B, or M)
() and () use the DEA # assigned to the hospital in which they practice, with the letter () included, for (). Medical residents and pharmacy residents, T, trainee
DEA Validity: Verified () by adding the ()-numbered digits to the sum of the ()-numbered digits multiplied by 2. The () digit of the sum number should be the same as the () number in the prescriber's DEA number. mathematically, odd, even, last, seventh
What is info you write on RX at the time of acceptance? -Patient's address and contact info -Age or DOB of the patient -Allergies and concurrent medications -Medications -Method of payment/insurance coverage (info transf. to pat. prof.)
Authentication and Clarification of the Prescription Order: If the prescription form is () or (), the technician should ask the () for clarification. illegible, questionable, pharmacist
Authentication and Clarification of the Prescription Order: Especially important in the case of written prescriptions for () drugs, as they may be altered in order to obtain more drugs for () or (). Schedule II, abuse, sale
Accepting Refill Requests: Refills are normally spaced out over an appropriate amount of time. Medication may be dispensed in ()/() increments, if the patients request it...1: (), 2:() larger, smaller -At pharmacist's discretion -except controlled substances
Accepting Refill Requests: No refills may be dispensed on a prescription for a () drug. Schedule II
Refill authorization: when a patient runs out of a needed medication, the () may contact the prescriber to extend the original prescription. pharmacy
A refill authorization may be taken only by a () or (). Licensed pharmacist, pharmacy intern
Prescriptions for Schedule II Drugs: Prescriptions for controlled substances must be filled () as prescribed. Exactly
Prescriptions for Schedule II Drugs: Prescriptions for Schedule II drugs must be completed when (). No () or () are permitted. Presented, corrections, additions
If any corrections or () appears on the form when presented, the prescription should not be filled but should be brought to the attention of the (). extra writing, pharmacist
Receiving Prescriptions by Electronic Means: Prescriptions received electronically must be () onto a prescription form () for purposes of (). transcribed, hard copy, documentation
Receiving Prescriptions by Electronic Means: Can only be done by a ()...EX: (). Licensed practitioner, pharmacist, pharmacy intern
() may not take orders from electronic devices. Technicians
Examples of institutional pharmacies? A hospital, nursing home, prisons, etc
What is an RX? Medication order
Institutional pharmacies are much more () than retail pharmacies. Detailed
MAR? Medication Administration Record
On a medication order/RX: Pharmacist verifies the () and that the (). drugs prescribed, dosage is appropriate
On a medication order/RX: Exact () form of the drug. Examples? dosage -solution -suspension -tincture -etc instead of liquid
On a medication order/RX: Routes of administration? Orally, intravenously, intramuscularly
On a medication order/RX: Proper dilution -What diluent to use. Example? Distilled water
What does TPN stand for? Total Parental Nutrition Solutions
Purpose of TPN? -For undernourished, vomiting, or severe diarrhea patients -Intravenous feeding -Exact mixture of sugars, fats, and proteins is on the medication order (comatose patients)
Hospital order includes: Drugs to be administered, doses, route of administration, reason for use, date of order, date drug therapy started and is to finish, designation if generics may be substituted, instructions for compounding
MAR is generated by the (). Pharmacy
Purpose of MAR? Record that the drug was administered to the patient, by whom, and the time of administration
Filling the MO: Usually transmitted by () computer
Filling the MO: () reviews and then gives the MO to the () Pharmacist, tech
Filling the MO: Tech () info onto the () transcribes, MAR
Unit Dose System: Unit dose is the () of drug for () dose. amount, one
() drug doses that are needed for the individual patient for () day(s) is/are prepared at () time(s) and distributed All, one, one
Unit Dose System: () calculates amount needed, prepares the drug and put it into a (). Technician, cassette
Each cassette must be labeled with: -Patient name/location -Hospital identification number (bar-coded) -Attending physician's name
Cassette is put into (). Medication cart
The medication cart is located on: patient floors
Medication cart: () delivers the unit doses in cassettes to the medication cart and (). Pharmacy tech, files
Medication cart: () medications may be () to the pharmacy for () IF it has not been (). Unused, returned, restocking, opened
Retail vs. Institutional Settings: The major difference is the amount of () presented. detail
Retail vs. Institutional Settings: Institutional medication orders give a detailed schedule of administration and more identifying info to ensure that the meds are administered to the right patient, (), (), (), (), etc. diagnosis, laboratory tests, height, weight
Retail vs. Institutional Settings: Retail orders give only instructions to be followed by the () because the meds are (). patient, self-administered
Created by: yquyenvu