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Qualitative / Quantitative Inheritance

Def: Qualitative traits? Subjectively measured. (coat color, horns, etc.) controlled by few, if not just 1, gene pairs.
Def: Quantitative traits? Objectivley measured, exist among continuum, growth traits, skeletal size, speed
Def: Phenotype? The measurement of each trait(expression) how they look
Def: Genotype? the result of both of the indivdual genes and the effect of the gene combos
Phenotype = genotype + enviroment
Def: enviromental effect? summation of all the non-gentic influences
Def: Breeding Value? totaly of all the independent gentic effects in an animal on a given trait.
Def: Non-Additive Value? portion of genotype where gene combos unique to particular animal. NOT pass on the next gen.
Def: Selection Differential? the superiority of the selected animals compared to the herd ave.
Another name for selection Differentail Reach
Def: Heritability? describes percent of total phenotypic variation that is due to breeding value. OR differential that is passed from parent to off spring.
Percent range of High Heritable Traits = 40% +
Percent range of Medium Heritable Traits = 20 - 39%
Percent range of Low Heritable Traits = < 20%
Type of high heritable traits = body weight, carcass traits
Type of medium heritable traits = growth traits, milk
Type of low heritable traits = reproductive traits (litter size, calving interval, % calf crop, etc.)
Genetic Change equation Gentic change/year = heritability * selection differential / generation interval
Def: Generation interval? the average age of parents when offspring are born.
What effects the influence of a gene on a trait? relationship of dominance and recessiveness
Def: Complete Dominance? heterozygote phenotypically indistingushable from homozygote
Def: Lack of Dominance? Heterozygote shows a phentype that is different from homozygote dominate or homozygote recessive. (usually in the middle)
Def: Additive gene action? each gene has expressed phenotypic effect.
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