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CV 12 Peds Card

Pediatric Cardiology

What autoimmune complication occurs 2-4 weeks after an MI? Dressler's syndrome (fever, pericarditis, incr ESR)
What type of psychotherapy is used to tx phobias, OCD, and panic d/o? Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
What are the unique structures of the fetal circulation that close after birth? Ductus arteriosus, foramen ovale, and ductus venosus, and umbilical v and aa
Describe briefly the sequence of events in Eisenmenger syndrome? L->R shunt causes pulm HTN and RVH. Incr R sided pressures shift shunt to R->L causing cyanosis.
What is the MC congenital heart defect? VSD
What is an Ebstein anomaly assoc'd with? Maternal lithium use
Describe Ebstein's anomaly. Tricuspid leaflets are displace into RV, hypoplastic RV, tricuspid regurg or stenosis
Dilated R atrium in Ebstein anomaly is a/w increased risk of _____ and ______. SVT and WPW
Tx for Ebstein's anomaly? PGE, dig, diuresis, and propanolol for SVT
A 6 wk old infant presents to the pedi ER for irritiablity and is found to have signs of L-sided heart failure. An EKG is interpreted as L sided MI. Most likely dx? Anomalous origin of L main coronary a arising from pulm a rather than aorta
What medication is used to close a PDA? Indomethacin
A newborn is found to have a congenital heart dz that causes early cyanosis. What medication does this newborn need? Prostaglandin E
What are the abnormalities assoc'd with tetralogy of Fallot? Pulmonic stenosis, overriding aorta, septal defect (VSD), and RVH
What heart defect are Down syndrome pts at higher risk of having? Endocardial cushion defects
Wide fixed split S2 systolic ejection murmur at upper L sternal border ASD
Tx for large VSD? Diuretics or ACE-i; repair soon before Eisenmenger develops
Tx for small VSD? Follow with routine echos and offer reassurance
Incompatible with life unless comorbid PDA or VSD; loud S2. Transposition of great vessels
What are the cyanotic heart diseases? 5Ts: Tetralogy of Fallot, Total anomalous pulmonary venous return, Transposition of the great vessels, Tricuspid atresia, and Truncus arteriosus
Harsh systolic murmur at lower left sternal border, loud S1 adn S2, bounding pulses Persistent truncus arteriosus
Children squat for relief during hypoxemic episodes; boot shaped heart on CXR Tetralogy of Fallot; tx with prost E to keep PDA open
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