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CV 11 Vascular Dz

Vascular Disease

What are the 2 MC adverse fx of statin use and what labs would reveal these fx? Hepatotoxicity: LFTs Myopathy or myositis (more common than hepatotox): CK elev
What type of shock casues decreased CO, decreased PCWP, and decreased peripheral vasc resistance? Anaphylactic or neurogenic shocke
Which blood pressure meds should be avoided in pts with ischemic stroke or subarachnoid hemorrhage b/c of the increase in intracranial pressure assoc'd with them? nitroprusside or nitroglycerine
What is cilostazol (mechanism, use)? In whom is it contraindicated? Arterial vasodilator and platelet aggregator used to tx PAD. Contraindicated in CHF pts.
Under what cases is anticoagulation required in superficial thrombophlebitis? Extension into femoral v or w/in a few cm of the sapheno-femoral j'n= mandatory anticoag. Consider anticoag if extends into saphenous v, especially above knee.
How do you tx suppurative drainage in supf thrombophlebitis? IV Vanc + broad-spectrum abx + surgical excision
A pt comes to the ER following a MVC, and CXR reveals widening of the mediastinum. What imaging study would confirm your dx? CT chest with contrast
What study should be ordered for a pt suspected of having a triple A? abd US
Who should be screened for a triple A? All men 65-75yo with h/o smoking
What is the next step in the mgmt of a pt with a DVT that has a high likelihood of falling? IVC filter (don't want to give warfarin to someone who will be falling all over the place)
Pt with fever x 5 days and conjunctivitis, rash, cervical adenopathy, strawberry tongue, and peeling hands/feet. Dx? Kawasaki dz
Tx for Kawasaki dz? IVIG and high dose aspirin
Can steroids be used to treat Kawasaki dz? NO WAY JOSE! This is one of the few vasculitides that don't get steroid tx.
Name that vasculitis?: weak pulses in upper extremities Takayasu
Name that vasculitis?: necrotizing immune complex inflammation of visceral/renal vessels Polyarteritis nodosa
Name that vasculitis?: young male smoker Buerger dz
Name that vasculitis?: young Asian woman Takayasu
Name that vasculitis?: young asthmatic Churg-Strauss
Name that vasculitis?: infants and young children; involves coronary aa Kawasaki
Name that vasculitis?: most common vasculitis Temporal arteritis
Name that vasculitis?: associated with hep B infection polyarteritis nodosa
Name that vasculitis?: occlusion of ophthalmic artery can lead to blindness Temporal arteritis
Name that vasculitis?: unilateral HA, jaw claudication temporal arteritis
What are the componenets of the medical mgmt of PAD? Smoking cessation, incr exercise, glucose control/diet control, BP control, cilostazol
What are the indications for operating on a triple A? >5.5cm or ?0.5cm change in 6 mos or symptomatic
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