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Pulm 1 (PFTs & URIs)


What is the tx of iron OD? deferoxamine
What is a normal A-a gradient? 5-15mmhg
What causes a high A-a gradient? anything that causes higher O2 in alveoli than in the arterial blood such as PE, pulmonary edema, ARDS, L-->R shunt
What are the feared complications of untreated strep pharyngitis? Pheumatic heart dz and GN
What is a helpful sx to differentiate a common cold from the flu? myalgias?
What are the signs of peritonsillar abscess? deviated uvula, trouble opening mouth, muffled "hot potato" voice
A sugical pt has had a NG tube in place for 2 wks due to gastroparesis. He has a persistent fever & elevated WBCs w/o an identifiable source. UA, cultures and CXRs are negative, and the wound is fine. He has no abdominal pain. What study should we get? CT of sinuses (NG tube may have lead to acute sinusitis)
What is the typical time frame after which acute bacterial sinusitis is the cause of purulent nasal discharge? >= 7 days
What is the tx for peritonsillar abscess? needle aspiration or I&D, pain meds + antibiotics(augmentin or clindamycin)
What are the potential complications of sinusitis? meningtis (rarely), abscess, orbital infections, osteomyelitis
What is the classic presentation of allergic fungal rhinosinusitis? the sinuses are opacified with thick "allergic mucin" that is colonized with fungus(not to be confused with invasive fungal dz).
How is allergic fungal rhinosinusitis diagnosed? usually dx made at the time of surgery when the allergic mucin is identified.
What is a normal FEV1/FVC? 80%
You confirm that a patient has influenza virus. What medication can be used to treat, if it's within the first 48 hours of illness? zanamivir and oseltamivir
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