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ER/Surg 9 (Preop)


Which antidepressants are associated with hypertensive crisis? What substances can exacerbate this effect? MAOIs, tyramine
What EKG finding is associated with hypothermia? J wave
When is the greatest risk for postop MI? What is recommended perioperatively for pts with known CAD? within 48 hours post-op, telemetry monitoring recommended
What lab findings suggest hepatic dz during a pre-op w/u? increase PT/PTT, decrease platelets, increase bili, decrease albumin
What is the usual time frame for stopping warfarin prior to surgery? 3-4 days prior to surgery
What interventions are helpful in optimizing lung function in the post-op period in pts with preexisting lung dz? IS, pain control, deep breathing, PT, bronchodilators, inhaled corticosteroids.
What studies are ordered to evaluate the cause of a fever in a postop pt? CXR, UA and urine culture, blood culture, sputum culture
Which oral hypoglycemic medicine should not be given when a patient is to have a radiologic procedure in which he will need IV contrast? metformin
Postoperative fevers are caused by the 6 W's. What are they? Wind (pneumonia), Water (UTI), Walking (DVT, PE), Wound (wound infection), Wonder drugs (meds), "Wein"(vein, for thrombophlebitis)
Closed wounds require dressings for initial _____hours after closer. 48 hours
What things/diseases can inhibit wound healing? malnutrition, corticosteroids, smoking, hepatic or renal failure or DM
Created by: shelybel