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MeiZhouHuaYu Book 6, Lesson 1, Week 2

遲到/迟到 to be late; to arrive late
固定 fixed; assigned
座位 a seat
換/换 to change
教室 classroom
貴重的/贵重的 valuable; precious; costly
號碼/号码 a number; numbers
置物櫃/置物柜 a locker
棒球 baseball
海報/海报 poster
新聞/新闻 news
節目/节目 program
準時/准时 on time
等一下 wait a minute
博物館/博物馆 museum
文化 culture
古物 ancient objects,antiquities
下課時間/下课时间 recess time
留下來/留下来 to stay, to save, to keep, to detain
自從/自从 ever since; since
細菌/细菌 bacterium
急著/急着 eager to
沒錯/沒错 that's right ; quite sure
認錯人/认错人 thought you were someone else; wrong person
複習/复习 review
放學/放学 after school
順便/顺便 at one's convenience; without much extra effort
認識/认识 to be acquainted with; to recognize
交朋友 to make friends
發/发 to distribute
內容 content
課程/课程 course
教學進度表/教学进度表 class schedule
Created by: sjcsteresa
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