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Digestion, Absorption, & Metabolism in Health & Disease

How many liters of water should an adult average per day? 2 liters
This is the only hormone that allows blood glucose to be used by the body cells? Insulin
The energy required for the basic processes of life is called what? Metabolism
These are required for metabolic processes? Hormones
Cellular nutrition is related to what? Metabolism
What sense is required to recognize flavor? taste
The inability to swallow is called? dysphagia
A diet that makes it easier to swallow than drinking thin liquids is called? Thickened liquids
An inflammatory condition of the stomach is called? gastritis
The definition of dyspepsia is what? Indigestion
This raises blood sugar and works against insulin? glucagon
The breaking down of food & injesting, & allowing intestinal absorption is called? digestion
This disease presents with an intolerence of gluten? Ciliac disease
Microscopic hair-like projections are known as? villi
Name 2 forms of digestion? Chewing- mechanical Saliva- chemical breakdown with enzymes
Gastric amylase, pepsin, lipase,intestinal pancreas, sucrose, lactase, maltase, trypsin, & lipase are examples of whaT? Digestive enzymes
The energy required to injest (chew and transport), digest, & metabolize food nutrients is called? Specific dynamic action of food
Where are minerals absorbed? small intestine
What 3 macro-nutrients are used in digestion? carbs, proteins, & fats
Name 3 stages of swallowing? oral, pharyngeal, esophageal
Are Pharyngeal & esophageal digestion voluntary or in-voluntary? involuntary
Is oral digestion voluntary or involuntary? voluntary
Which is life threatening food allergies or food intolerence? food allergies
The opening of the diaphragm that allows food to move up is called a what? hyietal hernia
The protein of fats is primarily absorbed where? illium
GERD stands for what? gastro, esophageal, reflux disease
Where are fats produced? Liver
Where are fats stored? gall-bladderogen
The most common digestive problem is called? lactose intolerence
Which carb is hardest to digest? fiber
Fiber leads to hydrogen & methane gas otherwise known as? farts
True or false? Water is found both intracellular and extracellular? true
What hormone is released in the morning? growth hormone
Where does the kreb cycle occur? mitochrondia of the cell
Glucose and fructose do not require digestion because they are what? simple sugars or monosaccarhides
Where does absorption mainly occur? small intestine with the villi
The breaking down of nutrients is known as? Catabolic process
What does the epinephine hormone does what to the metobolic rate? increases it
When does the body release cortisol? during periods of stress
How does water help with digestion & metabolism? Needed for saliva & gastric secretions helps with swallowing body temp control cellular metabolism
Minerals are mainly absorbed in the? duodenum
Glucose and water soluble vitamins are mainly absorbed where? jejunum
what carb treats IBS fiber (metemucil)
what is the inflammation of the large intestine collitis
anabolic does what builds up
catabloic does what breaks down
antibiotics have an effect on digestion because it does what to bacteria destroys helful and harmful bacteria
this syndrome leads to neurological disorders, and has effects on GI tract, and is deficiency of vitamin B3 kwashiorkors syndrome
Created by: nursejwhite