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Meds Unit 1

hetastarch (hespan)
vassopressor given iv (vesicant drug) causes constriction and decreases blood flow to the arm; increase risk for developing extravasation.
Potassium IV (vesicant drug) slow IV- 20mg/min so if doc orders 80mg, then you give 80mg/4 min
Furesomide lasix - loop diuretic
This blocks sodium from reabsorbing back into the body lasix
the high ceiling of the loop of henle,this drug blocks the reabsorption of sodium and is useful because water follows sodium, so that more water and sodium are excreted from the body.
How long does it take for oral lasix to work and how long does it last It takes into effect in about 60 minutes and lasts about 8 hours.
How long does it take for IV lasix to work and how long does it last 5 minutes and last for only 2 hours.
which is used for immeadiate/critical diuresis action? IV or oral lasix IV lasix, because it starts working in 5 minutes.
Where would you see IV lasix used? on someone who has severe renal impairment...
Usual IV dose for someone who has severe renal impairment is 20 to 40 mg IV...and in extreme cases over 100mg.
A CHF patient may be on Lasix for what reason? Pulmonary edema, because with CHF, heart doesn't pump effectively and fluid backs up into the lungs.
Other uses for lasix is for patients with which conditions? edema and htn
Why monitor BP when giving lasix? Because low BP (hypotension) indicates low blood volume....not enough blood to circulate through the body.
What is a nursing consideration when BP is too low and patient has scheduled lasix? Consider not giving lasix...of course we'll need a doctors order to do so.
The most common side effect of lasix meds is hypokalemia
What else should pt be on when taking lasix potassium, because lasix prevents potassium from reabsorbing back into the body and ends up being excreted into urine.
Resident is c/o ringing in the ears. Which med causes this side effect? Lasix causes this and this condition is referred as ototoxicity. This is rare.
What do you have to be cautious of when giving lasix to a DM? May cause hyperglycemia...rare, but it could happen.
Hyperucemia A person who is taking lasix is at risk for this condition.
taking lasix could lead to Elevated uric acid levels which could lead to these conditions? gout or kidney stones.
What is the impact of lasix on lipids? Increases (the bad) LDL and Triglycerides and decreases (the good) HDL
What other electrolytes are affected by lasix? Calcium and Magnesium decreases
what drug is typically subscribed with a loop diuretic? Potassium as it decreases the risk of hypokalemia
What nursing consideration do you need to considering when giving lasix and an antihypertensive? diuretcis lower volume which makes BP lower, giving an antihypertensive drug will drop it even more.
which class of drugs is lowered the intensity if using lasix? NSAIDS have a blunt effect from using loop diuretics.
Lasix lowers the sodium level and could lead to toxic levels when using this drug. Lasix may have an adverse reactions on LITHIUM and can cause lithium toxic level.
How to time lasix oral doses best to time them in the morning and afternoon to avoid night time voiding.
what do you need know when doing IVP administration? the amount to dilute and what period of time.
Example of amount to dilute and period of time Amount is 20mg/ min
If IVP lasix is 20mg/min, then what is the minimum time for 80mg? 4 minutes
if IVP lasix is 20mg/min, then what is the minimum time for 60mg? 3 minutes
produces less diuresis than loop diuretics and blocks reabsorption of sodium and chloride thiazide, esidrix, oretic, hydrodiuril (-ide)
thiazides, esidrix, oretic, hydrodiuril (-ide) blocks reabsorption of sodium and chloride in the early segment of the distal convulted tubule.
what is the onset of oral thiazides 2 hours
What is the peak of oral thiazides 4 to 6 hours
what is the duration of oral thiazides 12 hours
What is the first drug of choice for therapeutic uses for essential htn thiazide drugs
if a pt has a mild to moderate edema, which diuretic will likely be used? thiazides
What supplement or what would you add to your diet if taking thiazides? Potassium diet or supplement
If a pt is diabetic and is taking a thiazide, what adverse effects do you look for? Hyperglycemia because it raises BS
A person has symptoms of gout or kidney stones, what would you consider the culprit? either lasix or thiazide
Labs return on a resident showing increase lipids (high cholesterol) and decreased Ca and Mg levels you suspect it could be thiazide or lasix (depending on which diuretic you resident is taking)
res who is on either thiazide or lasix is exhibiting mental status changes, diminished turgor, mmm dry with longitudinal furros on tongue resident is dehydrated
dehydration resident who is taking thiazide/lasix has decreased bp, Incr pulse, flat neck veins is
what is the normal dosage for thiazides? 25-50 mg po q day, qod or bid
diuril, diurigen (chlorothiazide) other drugs related to thiazide medications.
Zaroxlyn, mykrox (metolazone) related to thiazide meds that enhances the effects of lasix.
this thiazide related diuretic is given 30 minutes before lasix because it potentiates (enhances) lasix effects zaroxolyn, mykrox (metalazone)
potassium sparing diuretics aldactone (spironolactone)
edecrin (ethacrynic acid) Loop diuretic
Loop diuretic Bumex (bumetanide) % Demadex (torsemide)
esidirix, Oretic, hydrodiuril Hydrochlorothiazide
Hydrochlorothiazide (esidirix, hydrodiuril, oretic) thiazide diuretics
diuril, diurigen chlorothiazide
diuril, diurigen, (chlorothiazide) Thiazide diuretics
Zaroxolyn, mykrox (metalazone)
Thiazide diuretics Zaroxolyn, mykrox (metalazone)
zaroxlyn Which drug enhances (potentiates) the effect of lasix?
This drug enhances the effect of lasix and should be given when? Zaroxlyn should be given 30 minutes before lasix.
spironolactone is the same as aldactone and it is considered K sparing diuretic
Aldactone (spironolactone) Potassium sparing diuretic
midamor amiloride Diuretic that is potassium sparing.
dyazide & maxzide combination of potassium sparing and thiazide diuretic
This drug blocks aldosterone in the distal nephron and allows diuresis Potassium sparing diuretic such as alddactone, midamor and dyrenium.
Potassium sparing causes retention of potassium and excretion of sodium
Are potassium sparing drugs very powerful? no
why would someone use potassium sparing drugs long term treatment of htn & edema from heart failure.
which diuretic(s) are used together commonly with K-sparing diuretics? loop and thiazide meds
dyrinium is what type of diuretic Potassium sparing (aka triamterene)
How quickly does aldactone, dyrenium, midamore take to work can take up to 48 hours
When we say that k-sparing drugs is not powerful, then what does that look like? scant diuresis
Side effects of diuretics Hyperkalemia
gynecomastia endocrine side effect of potassium sparing diuretics
Development of breast tissues in males gynecomastia- an endocrine side effect from taking K-sparing diuretics
Menstral irregularies and impotence side effects of K-sparing diurtics
mannitol this is the most common osmotic diuretic that prohibits reabsorption of water.
Does mannitol effect electrolytes? No
When given more of this type of diuretic, the more will be excreted. mannitol
How is mannitol given? IV only
Why would someone with renal failure get mannitol? for prophylaxis use, since there kidney stopped working properly.
Patient with a closed head injury has intercranial pressure, which drug would you expect to see? Mannitol IV, since it pulls fluids out of edematous brain.
Mannitol IV is given to relieve what type of pressure? reduction of intraocular
The only diuretic that can break through the blood brain barrier mannitol
What concentration would you use for mannitol? 5 to 25%
Which diuretic crystallizes at low temps and can be warmed to dissolve crystals? Mannitol- after crystals are dissolved, then solution can cool to body temp
What do you use to administer? with an inline filter in tubing so tht nurse doesn't administer any crystals by accident.
Monitor what when giving mannitol? BP, weights and I&O
dyerenium (triameterene) Potassium sparing diuretic
midamore (amiloride) is a K sparing diuretic? T or F true
Dyazide and maxide name the combination drug that includes k sparing diurtic with hydrochlorithiazide
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