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Summit career colleg

mr rock term 2 pharm finals mr rock term 2 PT

cyclobenzaprine a. classification b. common S/E a. skeletal muscle relaxants b. drowsy, dizzy, nausea, tachycardia, constipation.
what's the antidote for: a. heparin b. warfarin c. acetaminophen d. digoxin a. protamine sulfate b. vitamin k c. acetylcysteine/Mucomyst d. digibind or immune fab
a. normal therapeutic range of digitalis? b. S/S of toxicity? a. therapeutic range: 0.5-2.0 b. n/v, anorexia, tachy/bradycardia, headache, visual disturbance, fatigue.
a. classification of allopurinol? b. why do you need to increase fluids? uric acid inhibitors b. increase fluids to prevent kidney stones.
a. which diuretic reduces ICP? b. how is it given? a. mannitol b. IV
a. patient teaching when taking iron (parenteral, oral routes)? b. how do you prevent staining? c. stool color? d. Which vitamin increases iron absorption? b. parenteral(IM): use z-track to prevent staining of the skin. oral: use straw to prevent staining of the teeth. c. green or black. d. vitamin C.
guidelines for nitroglycerine administration. a. take one pill sublingually (under tongue) when chest pain begins. After 5 mins. if pain still present take 2nd pill. if pain still present take 3rd pill after 5 mins( total 15 mins). if pain doesnt diminish, call 911 . don't drive yourself to the ER.
which food to limit when taking warfarin? why? green leafy veggies b/c can cause blood to clot (green leafy veggies contains large amount of vitamin k, and vitamin k is the antidote for warfarin)
opioids a. indications? b. contraindications? c. common S/E? a.moderate to severe pain b.bronchial asthma c. respiratory depression
Narcan(nalaxone) indication opioids antagonists ( when respiratory comes back, the pain comes back also).
what does aldosterone do? a. excrete potassium b. reabsorption of sodium and water
allopurinol indication uric acid inhibitors; decrease uric acid production
a. asprin has what kind of effect? b. prevents what? a. anticoagulant effect. b. MI.
a. Heparin monitor: b. warfarin monitor: a. APTT( activated partial thromboplatin time) b. PT/INR(prothrombin time/international normalized ratio)
phenazopyridine ( pyridium) a. indication b. effects on urine color? a. non narcotic analgesic; anesthetic on mucosa of urinary tract. b. urine may turn red-orange (normal)
effect of acetaminophen (tylenol) is taken with alcohol? hepatotoxicity
protocol when using inhaled steroids and bronchodilator bronchodilator 1st. steroid 2nd.
interventions for UTI? a. increase fluids intake b. craneberry/prune juice.
atropine a. indication b. effects on heart rate? b. effects on heart rate? a. reduces oral and respiratory secretions to decrease riesk of aspiration b.
when giving heparin SUB Q , do you aspirate? why? You don't aspirate . The aspirating can irritate the tissue and cause hematoma formation due to the heparin outside the needle. no, there is no blood supply or nerve endings in fat.
benadryl a. indications b. common S/E a. allergic Sxs, hypersensitivity Rx ( anaphylaxis and transfusion Rx, antitussive, etc) b. drowsiness, dry mouth, anorexia, blurred vision, urinary frequency, sedation, disturbed coordination.
a. what does anticoagulants do? b. what does thrombolytics do? a. prevent new clots from forming. b. dissolve clots.
drug classification of demerol, vicodin, percocet, fentanyl? opioids pain relievers
nursing interventions for constipation to prevent constipation, include activity, high-fiber/high residue/ high roughage diet, increase fluids stool softeners, ambulation.
nursing interventions for diarrhea "BRAT" diet banana, rice, applesauce/apple , toast.
colchines a. indication b.effects on bone marrow a. relief of acute attacks of gout, prevention of gout attacks, decrease joint inflammation. b. bone marrow depression
what's the common adverse reaction (RX) of MAO inhibitors or tyramine with other drugs on the BP? increase
biphosphanates/alendronate(fosomax) a. indication b. effects on serum calcium level c. GI symptoms a. for osteoporosis b. Hypocalcemia c. dyspepsia, increase GI bleed.
a. What's MRSA? b. Which antibiotic is the treatment of choice? a. Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, a bacterium with antibiotic resistance. b.vancomycin
29. NSAID’S- INDICATION? EFFECTS ON BLOOD COAGULABILITY? used for pain associate dwith osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthrits, and other musculoskeletal disorders; mild to moderate pain. if administered with an anticoagulant ( increase risk of bleeding).
30. LACTULOSE- INDICATIONS? WHY IS IT USED IN LIVER ENCEPHALOPATHY? a.laxative for constipation, decreases ammonia as well- causes diarrhea. b.Encephalopathy – is caused by high amounts of ammonia in the blood
31. WHY ASPIRIN IS CONTRAINDICATED IN CHILDREN ESPECIALLY THOSE WITH CHICKENPOX? a. Because linked to Reye’s Syndrome (a life threatening condition characterized by vomiting and lethargy progressing to coma)
33. SPIRONOLACTONE- CLASSIFICATION? WHICH ELECTROLYTE IMBALANCE SHOULD YOU MONITOR? a. Spironolactone (Aldactone)- Potassium sparing diuretic; monitor for Hyperkalemia
34. COLLAGENASE (SANTYL)- INDICATION? a.Enzyme Preparations b.For debriding chronic dermal ulcers and severely burned areas aid in the removal of dead soft tissues by hastening the reduction of proteins into simpler substances.
COLLAGENASE (SANTYL) CONTRAINDICATION? Contraindication - May cause mild, transient pain and possibly numbness and dermatitis.
36. How do you perform a neuro-assessment? loc, orientation, perrla, and handgrips.
37.another name for Vitamin C ascorbic acid.
38. TAGAMET- INDICATION? a. Acid Reducers (Hisamine H2 Antagonists b. Used for Gastric /duodenal ulcers, GERD, gastric hypersecretory conditions, GI bleeding, heartburn c. Adverse reaction – Headache, somnolence, diarrhea Monitor patient for confusion and dizziness.
39. LINDANE (KWELL)- INDICATION? CONTRAINDICATION (AGE GROUP)? a. Used to treat scabies and lice b. Should not be used on babies, children, older people, people who have rashes, crusty, scabby skin or broken skin
40. ALBUTEROL- INDICATION? COMMON CNS REACTION? a. Short Acting beta 2 receptor agonists b. s/s – Anxiety, restlessness, tachycardia
41. S/S OF SALICYSM? a. Dizziness, tinnitus, impaired hearing, nausea, vomiting, flushing, sweating, rapid, deep breathing, tachycardia, diarrhea, mental confusion,
42. ISONIAZID (INH) - INDICATION? WHICH DRUG SHOULD YOU TAKE WITH IT TO PREVENT PERIPHERAL NEUROPATHY? b. Antitubercular agent c. S/S – Peripheral Neuropathy, hepatotoxicity d. Monitor liver function, emphasize that long term therapy is required, and report numbness or tingling of extremities. take vitamin b6 to prevent peripheral neuropathy.
what is PERIPHERAL NEUROPATHY? Peripheral neuropathy is damage to nerves of the peripheral nervous system, which may be caused either by diseases of or trauma to the nerve or the side-effects of systemic illness.
43. ALTEPLASE (ACTIVASE)- DRUG CLASSIFICATION? a.Thrombolytic b.Used for acute MI, acute ischemic stroke, PE, IV catheter clearance
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