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CCAC NRN 102 Older A

Older Adults

What are the 4 subgroups of late adulthood? Young old, middle old, older old, elite old
Older adults have dominished sense of taste. Which cause them use excess of these which may be detrimental to their health? sweat and salty - sugars and salt
What should they use because of these changes? herbs and spices
Why are older adults prone to drug toxicity? Decreased renal blood flow causing decreased glomerular filtration resulting in slower excretion time.
What is the fastest growing subgroup in the older generation? The old, old
List 3 reasons nutrition is a problem in older adults. Reduce intake to near starvation levels, diets consist of wrong types or wrong amounts of food, lonliness, depression, boredom, diminished taste of sweet and salt, dental problems.
What is relocation stress syndrome? Physical and emotional distress that occurs after the person moves from one setting to another.
What are some symptoms of relocation stress syndrome? sleep disturbances, GI distress, emotional withdrawl, anxiety, anger, depression
What is fallophobia? Fear of falling, avoid leaving home
What is polypharmacy? Use of multiple drugs
What are 4 changes in older adults that make them prone to adverse drug reactions such as toxicity? drug absorption,drug distribution, drug metabolism, and excretion.
What change makes drug excretion a concern? Decrease blood flow to the kidneys
List 4 types of elder abuse. Neglect, physical, emotional, financial
Created by: JayneAnn