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De bello Gallico (Book I Chpt 1 Vocabulary)

appello (1) = to call, name
Aquitani -orum, m. = the Aquitani (people located in an area above the Pyrenees between modern France and Spain)
Celtae -arum, m. = the Celts
commentarius -i, m. = notebook, report, commentary
differo differre/distuli/dilatum = to spread; put off; be different
Gallicus -a, -um = pertaining to Gaul or the Gauls; Gallic
incolo -ere/-ui/-- = to inhabit, dwell in
lex legis, f. = law, statute
lingua -ae, f. = (lit.) tongue; language
absum abesse/abfui/abfuturus = to be absent, distant, lacking
adsum adesse/adfui/adfuturus = to be present, near
animus -i, m. = mind; character; spirit, soul; courage
continenter (adv.) = continually
cultus -us, m. = civilization; religious worship
fortis -e = strong, brave
Garumna -ae, f. = the Garonne river; it formed the border between the Aquitani and the Celtic Gauls
humanitas humanitatis, f. = humanity, cultural refinement
Matrona -ae, f. = the Marne river
mercator -oris, m. = merchant, trader
propterea (adv.) = on this account
Sequana -ae, f. = the Seine river; it flows through much of northern Gaul; also flows through Paris
contendo -ere/-tendi/-tentum = to push forward, hasten; march; fight
cotidianus -a, -um = daily; customary
initium -i, nt. = beginning, origin; edge of a country, borders
obtineo -tin_e_re/-tinui/-tentum = to hold, retain, maintain; acquire
praecedo -cedere/-cessi/-cessum = to go before; surpass, excel
prohibeo -hib_e_re/-hibui/-hibitus = to keep from, prevent, prohibit; keep out/away from (+ abl.)
attingo -ere/attigi/attactum = to touch/border on, reach, extend to
Hispania -ae, f. = Hispania (modern Spain)
inferus -a, -um = low, below; (comp.) inferior = lower, inferior
occasus -us, m. = falling down, setting (with solis = sunset; the west)
orior oriri/ortus sum (deponent vb.) = to arise, begin, spring up; be born (oriens sol = the rising sun, sunrise; the east)
Pyrenaeus -a, -um = Pyreneian; (Pyrenaei montes = the Pyrenees Mts.)
septentriones -um, m. (pl.) = (lit.) the seven plow oxen, the stars of Ursa Major (Big Dipper), the North
sol solis, m. = the sun; (ad occidentem solem = toward the setting sun, west // ad orientem solem = toward the rising sun, east)
vergo -ere/--/-- = to look/lie toward, be situated
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