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Physics U4 & HW

X-ray wavelength is: Inversely proportional to frequency
Which of the following is true about both a 100 keV x-ray and a 10 keV gamma ray? They have equal wavelengths
When the frequency of electromagnetic radiation is increased tenfold: the wavelength decreases to 1/10
A single unit of electromagnetic radiation is also called a/an: Photon
Light has a constant velocity of c=3x108 m/s Therefore Its frequency decreases with increasing wavelength
The frequency of electromagnetic radiation is measured in hertz
When one uses the sine wave as a model the distance from one peak to the next is the wavelength
Given the sine wave model of electromagnetic radiation frequency times wavelength is a constant
Which of the following has a constant value for all electromagnetic radiation Velocity
The amplitude of a sine wave is its Zero to maximum
The frequency of a sine wave is the number of valleys that pass per second
The wave equation is described as follows Wavelength is velocity divided by frequency
When the electromagnetic spectrum is considered, photons of a radio broadcast have relative Low energy and long wavelengths
The principle difference between x-rays and gamma rays are their origin
Radiation emitted from a standard radio broadcast antenna Is electromagnetic radiation
For any electromagnetic radiation An increase in frequency results in an increase in energy
If an x-ray imaging system is operated at 40 kVp then 20 keV x-rays will be emitted
Which of the following characteristics is the same for both ultraviolet radiation and microwaves? Velocity
Visible light cannot be Weighed
X-rays can be Attenuated
The electromagnetic spectrum includes X-rays and radar with the speed of light in a vacuum
Which of the following is not a characteristic of the wave model of radiation? Collision
Which of the following most closely represents the term attenuation? light transmitted through frosted glass
When a radiograph is viewed, one might properly state that lung tissue is radiolucent
The development of modern quantum mechanics is attributed to max Planck
According to quantum mechanics the energy of an x-ray is inversely proportional to its wavelength
Which of the following statements about visible light is true? It sometimes behaves like a wave
. Visible light consists of a shorter wavelength red radiation and long wavelength blue radiation
Which of the following terms is not associated with visible light interaction? Vaporization
Which statement about visible light is correct? If visible light is transmitted unattenuated the matter is lucent
In radiographs of bony structures embedded in soft tissue the bone is radiopaque
Which of the following statements about photon interaction is true? Lead is radiopaque
Which type of electromagnetic radiation is not used for medical imaging? Microwaves
When compared with visible light x-rays have greater frequency
Which of the following types of electromagnetic radiation interacts with matter such as a particle? Gamma Ray
At what level should visible light interact most readily? Molecular
A source of99mTe produces a radiation intensity of 150mR/hr. at 10mR. At what distance does the exposure rate equal to 1000mR/hr.? 3.9 m
If the exposure rate 1m from a source is 9 mR/hr. what is the exposure rate 3, from the source? 1 mR/hr.
The inverse square law states intensity is inversely proportional to the square of the distance
The inverse square law is a result of Divergence
The inverse square relationship applies to which of the following sources Point
Which of the following emissions is likely to obey the inverse square law? X-rays from mobile imaging unit
To apply the inverse square law one must know Two distances and one intensity
If the distance from a point source is tripled the intensity will be one ninth
If an instrument positioned 1m from appoint source is moved 50 cm closer to the source the radiation intensity will be increased by a factor of 4
The distance from the earth to the sun is approximately 150 million km. If the earth were orbiting the sun at 50 million km the solar intensity on the surface of the earth would be 9 times more intense
A 137Cs source used from instrument calibration has an intensity of 100mR/hr. at 20 cm. What would the intensity be 40 cm from the source? 25 mR/hr.
The exposure rate from a 60Co source used in radiation therapy is 100 mR/hr. at 80 cm. What would be the exposure rate at 40 cm from the source? 400 R/hr.
A radiographic technique produces a patient dose of 200 mrad at a source to skin distance of 80 cm. What would the patient dose be at an SSD of 160 cm if the technique remains the same 50 mrad
A radiographic technique produces an exposure of 200 mR at a source to image receptor distance of 100 cm. What would the exposure rate be at an SID of 180 cm? 111 mR
A radiograph produced at an SID of 100 cm results in an exposure of 100mR. What would be the exposure if the SID were reduced to 90 cm? 123 mR
Which of the following terms is associated with diagnostic imaging? Superficial X-rays
Which of the following terms does not apply to an x-ray? Reflection
Given two x-rays, one of 50keV and the other at 70keV x-ray, the 70 keV has Has a higher frequency
In the normal representation of an x-ray Velocity is the speed of light
The energy of an x-ray photon is directly proportional to its Frequency
Which of the following is greater for a 30 keV x-ray than a 60keV x-ray Wavelength
Which of the following electromagnetic radiations is in the diagnostic x-ray region 65 keV
When x-rays are described it can be said that they are deflected by a very strong magnet
x-ray photons have a higher frequency than visible light
The energy of an x-ray is inversely proportional to its wavelength
The model used to describe an x-ray photon is a sine wave
which of the following characteristic is the same for both x-ray photons and light photons Velocity is the same
X-rays have zero rest mass and neutral velocity
Diagnostic x-rays are high energy electromagnetic radiation
An x-ray can be correctly called a photon
4 Properties of a Photon: 1) Wavelength 2) Frequency 3) Velocity 4) Amplitude
Define quantum: Bundle(amount) of energy
Define x-ray photon: A quantum of electromagnetic energy
1/2 the range from crest to valley over which the sine wave varies. Amplitude
Where is peak kVp represented on the sine wave? The very top(crest) of the amplitude portion of the sine wave
1 cycle = _______ alternations 2
How many cycles in 1 second? 60
How many alternations in 1 second? 120
Where on the sine wave of voltage does voltage measure 0? the part that intersects the time line (equilibrium)
The sine wave portion above the time line represents what? The amplitude
What direction is the current moving if the sine line is above the time line? Below the time line? Forward; Backward
The ____________ is the part of the wave where it extends from 0 (+/-) and returns to 0. Alternation
The number of oscillations per second is the ___________________. Frequency
y= Sinθ
What is frequency; Symbol for frequency and unit of measure: How often the crest occurs; nu; hertz
Wavelength is the distance between the ________ of a _________; Symbol is _______; Unit of measure is _________. Crests of a wave; λ-lambda; Å-Angstrom
Meaning of λ-min: Lambda min= Minimum wavelength=strongest photon in the beam of radiation
What is the relationship between wavelength and frequency: Inversely proportional
Formula for the speed of light (C): C=μλ
3 Regions for the Electromagnetic Spectrum: Visible light Radio Frequency x-Radiation
Electromagetic spectrum from longest wavelength: lowest frequency to shortest wavelength: Highest frequency Radio frequency Microwaves Infra-red Visible light Ultra Violet Light X-Ray Gamma Cosmic
When pure energy acts as though it has the characterists of matter: Wave-Particle Duality Phenomenon
Term for light deviated from its line of travel: Refraction
Substance that absorbs radiation is ___________ and appears __________ on a radiograph. Radiopaque; clear or light area
A substance that attenuates radiation is termed ___________ and appears _____________ on a radiograph. Radiolucent; Dark
What does the Particle Model: Quantum Theory state: X-rays are created and exist at the speed of light or dont exist at all. X-rays are directly proportional to frequency
According to the Particle Model: Quantum Theory, x-rays are directly proportional to what? Frequency
What is the Law of Conservation of Energy? Energy can never be created or destroyed: E=mc²
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