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Mock Fluoro Exam

Which of the following types of cells is most sensitive to radiation and the most reasonable indicator of somatic effects? a. skin b. red bone marrow c. brain d. muscle b. red bone marrow
The only time people in the fluoroscopy room are actually receiving radiation exposure is: a. when the deadman switch is activated b. when the fluoro unit is turned on c. only when the buzzer is sounding d. only for 1 minute during the exposure a. when the deadman switch is activated
The exposure rate is measure in: a. rem b. mA c. mR d. rad c. mR
Which is NOT a regulatory provision of ABS units by state provisions for quality assurance of an AEC II? a. mA & kVp meters checked weekly b. input phosphor must be min of 6" and max 9" c. exposure rates must be visible d. collimation is required b. Input phosphor must be a min of 6" and max of 9"
A switch which requires direct pressure to close the circuit is called a: a. toggle switch b. mAs timer c. circuit breaker d. dead-man switch d. dead-man switch
When performing fluoro procedures the amount of scattered radiation rec'd by the operator is proportional to: a. the intensity from the tube b. the dose rec'd by the patient c. the kVp seeting used d. size of the field b. the dose rec'd by the patient
The greatest amount of scattered radiation is produced at an angle of ____ degrees to the primary beam: a. 115 b. 180 c. 135 d. 90 c. 135
Due to the phospor aging, which of the following s/be measured periodically to check the contrast? a. kell factor b. resolution c. conversion factor d. contrast ratio c. conversion factor
CA Radiation Control Regulations require that the individual radiation monitoring records shall be preserved by the employer after termination of employment of a technologist: See Next
a. for a period of not less than one year b. for a period of not less than seven years c. for a period of not less than three years d. indefinitely d. indefinitely
The chief danger to the operator during fluoro exam is possible exposure to the scattered radiation coming primarily from the: a. patient's body b. radiologist c. fluoro tower d. table a. patient's body
The ability of the eye to form and recognize an image is termed: a. binocular vision b. acuity c. accomodation d. integration b. acuity
Which of the following control the "quantity" of the beam? a. half value layer b. kVp level c. amount of filtration d. milliamperage d. milliamperage
Which of the following is considered a stochastic effect? a. radiation syndromes b. erythematic c. cataracts d. cancer d. cancer
Which is prohobited from energizing the fluoro unit or possessing a fluoro permit in the State of CA? a. anyone other than a radiologist b. a limited X-ray tech c. licentiate of the healing arts d. anyone who had not passed a rad fluoro safe course b. a limited X-ray tech
Which method of gonadal shielding is best for use for male patients in the upright position during fluoro procedures? a. flat contact shield b. shadow shield c. shaped, contact shield d. shaped contact shield in a athletic supporter d. shaped contact shield in a athletic supporter
A fluoro system equipped w/an ABC mechanism w/the x-ray tube below table, moving the II away from the patient will: a. incr patient dose b. incr the size of the rad field at the table top c. decr patient dose d. reduce image size of an anatomic structure a. increase patient dose
What's purpose of synchronization inCINE? a. determine physiological motion of organ being imaged b. operate the camera shutters at same freq as x-ray pulsed thus decr pt dose c. keep the TPD @ 18" d. restrict xray beam to smallest size, to decr pt dose b. to operate the camera shutters at the same frequency as x-ray pulsed and thus decrease patient dose
If you compare the size of the input phosphor diameter to the size of the output phosphor diameter, this is the formula for: a. flux gain b. brightness gain c. minification gain d. electronic intensification c. minification gain (flux = acceleration of electrons) (brightness = product of FG & MG) (electronic intensification = incr the illumination of the image by process of flux gain)
Magnification w/an II is achieved by applying different voltages to the: a. output phosphor b. input phosphor c. photocathode d. electrostatic lens site d. electrostatic lens site
The tube used in fluoroscopy is: a. 1.0-5.0 mA b. 6.0-10 mA c. 10-20 mA d. 100-200 mA a. 1.0-5.0 mA
It is essential to keep rad exposure to occupationally exposed persons as low as practicable. The concept is referred to as the ____ concept: a. ALARA b. dose equiv limits c. AWAKE d. Max Permissible Dose a. ALARA
When using ABS increasing the kVp beyond the optimum range results in: a. decrease in scatter b. poor subject contrast c. increased image brightness d. increased patient dose b. poor subject contrast
An area controlled by state regulation where radiation safety is used and enforced is called a: a. controlled area b. high radiation area c. radiation area d. uncontrolled area a. controlled area
High radiation area (X-ray rooms w/fluoro exams are being carried out are considered to be high rad areas) any area accessible to individuals, which exists radiation levels that could result in an individual receiving a dose equiv in excess of 0.1 rem (1 mSv) in 1 hr at 30 cm from the rad source or from any surface that the radiation penetrates.
Radiation area area, accessible to individuals, in which radiation levels could result in an individual receiving a dose equivalent in excess of 0.005 rem (0.05 mSv) in 1 hr at 30 cm from the radiation source or from any surface that the radiation penetrates.
Which of the following would increase the scattered radiation to the operator? a. increase distance b. increasing patient exposure c. decreasing field size d. increasing collimation b. increasing patient exposure
Of the following, which is NOT a factor of cell radio sensivity? a. cell differentiation b. length of time the cell is in active proliferation c. degree of mitotic activity d. size of the cell d. size of the cell
The apparent improvement that the fluoroscopist observes w/II from conventional fluoro screens is a result of increase visual acuity of: a. scotopic b. night vision c. photopic d. peripheral vision c. photopic vision
The line pair grid is used to measure: a. intensification factor b. resolution - resolving power c. conversion factor d. contrast ratio b. resolution - resolving power (Resolving Power refers to the ability to distinguish separate images of line pairs (lines and spaces) per mm. (The resolving power of an image intensification system is expressed in terms of line pairs per millimeter.)
Conversion Factor: Defined as being the ratio of the output screen luminance in candela per square meter to the input exposure rate in millirads per second. The quotient of the luminescence of the output phosphor of the image intensifier divided by the kerma rate at the input phosphor.
Contrast Ratio: The ratio of the brightness on the open field at a given exposure to the brightness underneath a lead disk covering 10 percent of the useful central imaging area in a second exposure. Contrast for modem image intensifiers exceeds 15:1
Radiation safety guidelines are based on what type of exposure curve? a. non-linear threshold b. linear, non-threshold c. non-linear, non-threshold d. linear, threshold b. linear, non-threshold
Any fluoroscopic unit w/AEC or a cine camera must be calibrated by a physicist at least: a. every year b. every 3 yrs c. daily d. monthly a. every year
The recognition or integration time of the human eye is the time it takes for formation of an image. How long is this time? a. 0.7 seconds b. 0.2 seconds c. 0.1 seconds d. 0.5 seconds b. 0.2 seconds
Which of the following is most effective in reducing patient dose? a. video cassette recorder b. cinefluoroscopy c. TV viewing in the room d. video disc recorder d. video disc recorder
The minimum total filtration permanently required in the useful beam of a fluoroscopic tube is: a. 1.5 mm Al b. 2.5 mm Pb c. 2.5 mm Al d. 0.25 mm Pb c. 2.5 mm Al
When positive contrast media are used, the primary x-ray interaction taking place within the contrast media is: a. coherent scattered b. absorbing scattered c. Compton scattered d. photoelectric effect d. photoelectric effect
The purpose of a 5 minute timer is to: a. terminate the exposure b. open the circuit c. protect the operator d. protect the patient d. protect the patient
Which of the following is the most effective method of reducing patient's dose: a. collimating to area of interest b. increasing target to panel distance c. reducing exposure time d. high kVp a. collimating to area of interest
The maximum exposure to a technologist standing one foot from the table during a barium enema is: a. 400-500 mR/hr b. 50-100 mR/hr c. 2-5 mR/hr d. 200-400 mR/hr a. 400-500 mR/hr
The protective curtain hanging from the fluoro tower must have a minimum lead equivalent of: a. 0.25 mm Pb b. 2.5 mm Pb c. 2.5 mm Al d. 1.5 mm Al a. 0.25 mm Pb
All gonadal shielding must have a minimum lead equivalency of: a. 0.25 mm b. 1.0 mm c. 0.75 mm d. 0.5 mm d. 0.5 mm
In cinefluoroscopy, the maximum magnification is achieved w/which of the following filming method? a. high resolution framing b. maximum horizontal framing c. exact area framing d. total over framing d. total over framing
The reason for personnel monitoring is to document that no one receives more than: a. MPD equivalent b. 1/10 MPD c. 1.25 per quarter d. 5000 MR a. MPD equivalent
During a CINE exam in which 35 mm film and frame rate of 30 frames/second are utilized, what is the approx exposure to the skin for 1 minute of CINE: a. 1000-5000 mR/min b. 50-100 R/min c. 10-20 R/min d. 5000-10000 mR/min a. 1000-5000 mR/min
When periodically checking a C-arm fluoroscopic unit, which of the following is checked by observation and does not require the use of standardized quality control tools and measurement: a. shutters b. spacers c. kVp d. mAs b. spacer
The purpose of ABS in an image intensifier is to: a. eliminate the need for a tech to set technique b. limit the exposure rate to the patient c. to keep the dose rate at 10R/hr d. provide variable exposure rates b. limit the exposure rate to the patient
When switching from a 14 inch to a 19 inch TV screen how does the number of horizontal lines change: a. increase 4 times b. remains the same c. increases 2 times d. increases 1.5 times b. remains the same
The protective apron used during fluoroscopy must contain at least ___ mm lead equivalent. a. 0.5 b. 2.5 c. 0.25 d. 1.0 c. 0.25
The component in the II that changes the field of view from the standard to the magnification mode is the: a. ionization chamber b. photocathode c. output phosphor d. electrostatic lenses d. electrostatic lenses
When using surveying equipment to monitor the radiation exposure, the monitors operate on the principle of: a. fluorescence b. ionization c. luminescence d. thermo luminescence b. ionization
Which of the following is the most effective method of reducing radiographer's dose? a. increasing distance from the source of radiation b. decreasing exposure time c. high kVp d. proper shielding with use of lead aprons and gloves a. increasing distance from the source of radiation
According to the CA Rad Control Reg the TTD for fluoro x-ray equipment SHOULD NOT be less than ____ inches and SHALL NOT be less than ___ inches. a. 18,24 b. 18,12 c. 15,20 d. 8,12 b. 18,12
During fluoroscopic imaging you can reduce patients dose by: a. moving the source further away b. increasing exposure time c. moving the source closer d. decreasing kVp a. moving the source further away
Which of the following individuals is responsible for the quality, radiation safety and technical aspects of all x-ray exams? a. radiation physicist b. CEO c. supervisor (registered user) d. chief technologist c. supervisor (registered user)
As the kilovoltage peak is increased and the milliampere seconds correspondingly decreased, which of the following occurs? a. patient skin exposure increases b. image distortion increases c. patient skin exposure decreases d. image contrast increases c. patient skin exposure decreases
Exposure rate is least effected by which of the following? a. film recording device b. mA c. filtration d. kVp a. film recording device
Of the following fluoroscopic methods which is responsible for patient dose reduction of up to 95%? a. video tape recorder b. cinefluorography c. video disc recorder d. routine fluorography c. video disc recorder
Which of the following is the formula for calculating the maximum permissible lifetime dose for a tech? a. 5000(n-18) b. 5(N-18) c. 2(n2) d. age x 1 REM d. age x 1 REM
If a radiation worker rec'd a film badge report of 500 mR in 1 month, what conclusion could be drawn? a. shadow shielding b. flat contact shielding c. poor working habits shielding d. shaped contact shield in an athletic supporter c. poor working habits shielding
What is the ratio between the vertical lines and the horizontal lines on the TV monitor called? a. Kell factor b. conversion factor c. aspect factor d. band pass factor a. Kell factor
Which of the following serves as the primary protective barrier for a dedicated C-arm unit? a. primary wall barriers b. input phosphor of the II c. the patient d. led curtain hanging from the II b. input phosphor of the image intensifier
For fixed fluoroscopic tube, the distance from the source (x-ray tube) to the tabletop shall be: a. 12 inches b. 18 inches c. 24 inches d. 15 inches d. 15 inches
A film badge report expresses an individuals dose equivalent in: a. rems b. rads c. ergs d. roentgens a. rems
Which of the following days of a menstrual cycle would be considered the safest time to expose a women of childbearing age? a. day 1-10 b. day 10-14 c. day 14-28 d. all days are equally safe c. day 14-28
A measurement of 100 erg/gram is equal to which of the following? a. 1 gray b. 1 rad c. 1 R d. 1 rem b. 1 rad
What is the brightness of an image intensifier that has a 9 inch input phosphor, a 1 inch output phosphor and had 50:1 flux gain? a. 4050 b. 2050 c. 8150 d. 450 a. 4050 (81 x 50)
All fluoro and radiographic x-ray tubes must have "diagnostic type tube housing" meaning the leakage radiation at one meters distance may not exceed ___ mR per hour: a. 10 b. 25 c. 100 d. 50 c. 100
The fetus exhibit the most radio sensitivity during: a. 2-8 weeks gestation b. 0-12 weeks gestation c. 0-2 weeks gestation d. 0-40 weeks gestation a. 2-8 weeks gestation
If only one personnel monitoring device is worn, it must be located: a. under the apron at gonadal level b. outside the apron at collar level c. anywhere you want d. under the apron at collar level b. outside the apron at collar level
When changing from 4.5" input phosphor to a 9" input phosphor, the minification gain in increased by a factor of: a. 4 b. 25 c. 8 d. 2 a. 4
The maximum exposure rate for a patient undergoing a routine fluoroscopic procedure should not exceed? a. 5 R/min b. 10 R/min c. 5 mR/min d. 2 R/min a. 5 R/min
The output light gain (at the output phosphor) to the input of x-ray photons (at the input phosphor) is defined as the: a. resolution gain b. flux gain c. conversion factor d. minification gain c. conversion factor
The maximum permissible dose for a gravid technologist is? a. 500 mRem b. 500 rad c. 5000 mRem d. 5 R c. 5000 mRem
During cinefluorography, the patient dose is directly proportional to the: a. time of exposure b. size of the frame c. frames per second d. all of the answers are correct d. all of the answers are correct
Quantum mottle is seen as a grainy appearance due to the loss of: See next
a. decrease intensity at edge of image b. absorbed photon due to statistical fluxations of x-ray photons c. fall of brightness at the periphery of the image d. flaring of image, known as pincushion distortion b. absorbed photon due to statistical fluxations of x-ray photons
The central portion of the image intensifier tube possesses the greatest: a. aberration b. contrast c. distortion d. detail d. detail
The output intensity of a fluoroscopic tube is measured in: a. mR b. rems c. ergs d. milliamperes a. mR
Image quality utilizing an image intensifier is improved as the size of the x-ray beam is tightly collimated because: See next
a. less scattered radiation reaches the input phosphor b. the effective milliamperage increases c. the effective kVp increases d. less primary radiation reaches the input phosphor a. less scattered radiation reaches the input phosphor
Which of the following filming methods will give the best resolution? a. spot film radiograph b. spot film fluorography c. video disc image d. cine film fluorograph a. spot film radiograph
The half value layer determines the x-ray: a. density b. quality c. contrast d. quantity b. quality
The brightness of the center of the image compared to the brightness of the periphery is a function of: a. resolution b. conversion factor c. contrast d. flux gain c. contrast
If a protective apron of 0.25 mm lead is worn what is the typical exposure reduction? a. 97.5% b. 55% c. 87% d. 99.9% a. 97.5%
For an overhead fluoroscopy tube, which of the following would be the proper intensity and method of measurement? See Next
a. 5 R/min with a 7 7/8" Lucite phantom 1 cm above the tabletop b. 5 R/min with a 9" water phantom 30 cm above the tabletop c. 10 R/min w/ a 7 7/8" Lucite phantom 30 cm above the tabletop d. 5 R/min w/ a 9" water phantom 1 cm above the tabletop b. 5 R/min with a 9" water phantom 30 cm above the tabletop
All of the following are regulated by state provisions for quality assurance and s/be checked at least semi-annually except: a. filtration b. measurement of mA and kVp levels on a phantom c. timer accuracy d. kVp accuracy b. measurment of mA and kVp levels on a phantom
When electrons strike a fluorescent screen, the light photons intercept to form a: a. video b. real image c. virtual image d. latent image c. virtual image
The ability to distinguish separate objects in line pairs per mm is called: a. resolving power b. detail c. enhanced contrast d. brightness b. detail
Lead aprons worn during fluoroscopic procedures are designed to protect the radiographer from: a. leakage radiation b. compton scattered radiation c. primary radiation d. photoelectric effect b. compton scattered radiation
Which of the following does not affect the amount of scattered radiation produced? a. focal spot size b. body thickness c. kVp d. collimation a. focal spot size
A 9" image intensifier tube has an inherent resolution of approximately: a. 1.0 lp/mm b. 4.0 lp/mm c. 0.5 lp/mm d. 1.5 lp/mm b. 4.0 lp/mm
Fluoroscopic systems operating with a grid in place will have exposure rates: a. 1.5 to 2 times lower b. 1.5 to 2 times higher c. 2 to 5 times higher d. 3 to 4 times higher b. 1.5 to 2 times higher
A high resolution area is defined as an area where an individual can receive a dose of: a. 10 mR/hr b. 5 R/hr c. 100 mR/hr d. 5 mR/hr c. 100 mR/hr
The standard internation unit for absorbed dose is: a. joule b. erg c. sievert d. gray d. gray
Assume that a fluoroscope using 2.8 mA emits 1.4 R/mA. If an UGI exam requires 5 minutes of fluoro time, the patient's total amount of exposure is: a. 3.92 R b. 14.0 R c. 7.0 R d. 19.6 R d. 19.6 R (2.8 mA x 1.4 R/mA x 5 min)
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