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Scientific Method

Sicence 5A Lesson 1-4

What are the steps of the Scientific Method? make observations, ask a question, form a Hypothesis, test your Hypothesis, ask questions
What causes Malaria? parasite that infects red blood cells
What is a Parasite? an organism that lives in or on a host
What is the Scientific Method? is a process that scientists use to investigate and answer questions
Why is it important that others can repeat a scientific procedure? so it can be checked
How do you form a hypothesis? 1 ask "why" questions 2 look for connections 3 suggest possible explanations for these connections
What is a Ribosomes? "factories" within cells that make proteins
What is stage 1 of the Malaria Parasite Cycle? a infected mosquito bites a healthy person
What is stage 2 of the Malaria Parasite Cycle? the parasite travels to the liver and make more parasites
What is stage 3 of the Malaria Parasite Cycle? the parasites now infect the red blood cells, make more parasites, and the disease spreads throughout the body
What is stage 4 of the Malaria Parasite Cycle? an uninfected mosquito bites the infected human and becomes infected
What is stage 5 of the Malaria Parasite Cycle? that mosquito can now spread the disease to other people
What is Evidence? date that scientists collect in different ways
How do you test a Hypothesis? think about the different kind of date that could be used to test the hypothesis.
How do you analyze data? 1 organize the data 2look for patterns that show connections
What do pores do? separate pieces of the gene based on how big they are.
What is gel used for? to make the gene form bands on the gel
How do you draw a conclusion? decide if the data clearly support the hypothesis or not and share with others
Is disproving a hypothesis as good as proving one? Why or Why Not? yes because you can get more questions
Observe wacth sumthing
Form a Hypothesis make a statement that can be tested to answer a question
Communicate share information with others
Classify place things with similar properties into groups
Use numbers order, count, add, subtract, multiply, and divide to explain data
Make a Model make something to represent an object or event
Use Variables identify thing that can control or change the outcome of an experiment
Interpret Data use information that has been gathered to answer question or solve a problem
Measure find the size, distance, time, volume, area, mass, weight, or temperature of an object or event
Predict state possible results of an event or experiment
Infer form an idea or opinion from facts or observations
Experiment perform a test to support or disprove a hypothesis
What should you do if you spill while doing an experiment?
What should you wear if working with anything messy or that might spill? clean up a spill right away
When should you wash your hands? wash your hands before and after an activity
When should you wear saftey goggles? when your doing sum thing that can hert you
What do you need to keep away from open flames? your hair and your clothes
What should you never do during an experiment? you should never eat or drink during an experiment
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