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Cardiovasc 2 Athero


Otoscopy in a child presenting with acute onset of ear pain reveals large reddish vesicles on the TM. What is the dx, typical organism, and treatment? Bullous myringitis. Mycoplasma. PO macrolides (erythromycin, azithromycin)
A burn pt presents with chery-red flushed skin and coma. O2 sat is normal but carboxyhemoglobin is elevated. What is the tx? 100% O2 (carbon monoxide poisoning)
What mineralocorticoid medication is used in the tx of aldosterone deficiencies such as adrenal insufficiency and 21-hydroxylase deficiency. Fludrocortisone
Your pt is undergoing a treadmill stress test. What key EKG findings would suggest myocardial ischemia during exercise? >/= 1mm ST depression
Stress testing is done as a screening test. If angina or ischemica occurs with these tests, what test should follow? Coronary angio
Besides lowering LDL, what other effect do statins have that may contribute to their ability to reduce the incidence of myocardial infarction? Decreased inflammatory response caused by athero. May also stabilize atherosclerotic plaques.
Which lipid-lowering agent matches the following description?: facial flushing niacin
Which lipid-lowering agent matches the following description?: elevated LFTs, myositis statins, fibrates
Which lipid-lowering agent matches the following description?: GI discomfort, bad taste cholestyramine (bile acid sequestrants)
What are the recommendations for LDL levels in pts based on their CAD risk? No risk factors: <160 2 risk factors: <130 >2 risk factors or CAD or CAD equivalent: <100. (CAD equiv= stroke, PVD, DM)
How can the flusing reaction of niacin be prevented? Take aspirin or NSAID before. Also take at bedtime, avoid alcohol and hot beverages, eat low fat snack, and stick it out (improves with time suckerfish)
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