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Critical CareConcept

VentilatorOrientation900C Unit I

Peak Flow preset inspiratory time is controlled by peak flow tidal volume flow waveform pause time
Peak Flow Preset I:E ratio is controlled by peak flow tidal volume flow waveform pause time master rate
Inspiratory Time % Preset inspiratory time is controlled by IT% Master Rate Pause Time
Inspiratory Time % preset I:E ratio is controlled by Inspiratory time% Pause Time
Peak flow in It% is controlled by Inspiratory time% Tidal Volume Master Rate Flow Wave Form
If Peak Flow is preset you can calculate I time in square waveform as It=(VT/Flow)+Pause
If Peak flow is preset and not in square wave form you can calculate as It=RCT/Total parts of I:E ratio
If inpsiratory Time% is preset you calculate It as RCT*(IT%+Ptime%)
In order to calculate Peak Flow in It% the VE is preset and based on a master rate and tidal volume. IT can also only be done with a square wave form VE preset/IT%
In the 900c in order to calculate peak flow based on accelerated flow you can estimate it by VE/IT%(1.5)
IT% of 80= I:E 3:1
IT% of 67= I:E 2:1
IT% of 50%= I:E 1:1
IT% of 33%= I:E 1:2
IT% of 25%- I:E 1:3
IT% of 20%= I:E 1:4
The Servo 900C is powered pneumatically and electrically
The bellows in the servo 900c provide a working pressure for the patient circuit
THe single circle manometer shows the patient working pressure
The alarm silence is active for two minutes and cannot be reset
The apnea alarm alarms after greater than 15 seconds goes by between breaths
If the alarm is yellow it means that it is not set properly
if the alarm is red it means that it is alarming
There are 2 small silver buttons on the PEEP know this is used as a safety precaution
The gas change button allows for free flow gas flush
The master rate must be set higher than the set or SIMV rate
The alarm types on the servo 900c include high/low minute volume, apnea alarm, fio2 alarm, upper pressure alarm and the gas supply alarm
What are the modes that are available on the servo 900 c Volume control, Volume Control +sigh, Pressure control, pressure support ventilation, SIMV, SIMV +PS, CPAP and manual.
What is the TLC for VC? T- RCT L-Flow C-IT
What is set in VC? A master rate, VE, IT%,Pause %, PEEP, Sensitivity, Fi02
What is set in SIMV mode? SIMV Rate, Master Rate, IT%, Pause %, Fi02, VE, Sensitivity, PEEP
What is the TLC in SIMV mode? T- RCT/Pt(pressure) L-Flow/Pressure C-It/ETS(preset at 25%)
The SIMV Cycle is the period of time between mandatory breaths
The SIMV Period is the time alloted for each mandatory breath
The spontaneous breath is equal to the SIMV cycle-SIMV period
There is one sigh breath every 100 breaths
In SIMV + Pressure support the TLC is T-RCT/Pt Pressure L Flow/ pressure C It/ETS
In SIMV +pressure support you set the Master rate, SIMV rate, fio2 It%, Pausse %, Sensitivity, PEEP, Inspiratory pressure level, VE
In pressure support you set the sensitivity, inspiratory pressure above PEEP, PEEP, fi02
The TLC for pressure support is T- Pt. PRessure L-Pressure C-ETS
Manual mode on the servo900c is typically use with anesthesia and there is no apnea alarm.
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