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Lindsey Jones 3C3

Lindsey Jones 3C3 - Therapeutics- Bronchoscopy

What are the 2 Special Procedure in Bronchoscopy? 1. Diagnostic and 2. Therapeutic.
What is a Diagnostic value in a Bronchoscopy? Allows cisualization of the trachea nad upper portions of the bronchial tree.
What does the Bronchoscopy scope consist of and what does it do? Consist of a multi-lumen tube inserted into a trachea. One lumen is used to collect tissue samples for analysis. Other lumen is to inject medications and saline.
What is the use of Diagnostic value in a Bronchoscopy? Diagnosis: 1. Foreign body obstructions(common w/pediatrics). 2. Active bleeding (Hemoptysis)3. Pathogenic involvement(identify infectious organisms). 4. Identify cancerous/malignant processess/areas.
What is a Therapeutic value in a Bronchoscopy? Able to provide suctioning of blood, sputum and areas in a bronchial tree. Used to place tamponade devices on bleeding sites to stop bleeding. Removal of foreign bodies & resolve atelectasis. Assist smooth intubation on a neck-trauma/burnt pt.
What are the some of the consideration in Bronchoscopy? 1. administers lidocaine to numb sensitive trachea. 2. Use FIO2-100%. 3. Monitors HR & SaO2 during procedure. If it increases then stop the procedure. Will cause increase in RAW. Adapter used to provide Mechanical ventilation during procedure.
What are the 3 Hazard in Bronchoscopy? 1. Bleeding in the bronchial tree. 2. Epistaxis (nasal bleeding) 3. Larngospasm/bronchospasm.
What is the treatment for bleeding in the Bronchial Tree in a Bronchoscopy? 1. First directly instill epinephrine on the site through the bronchoscope. 2. Apply pressure to the site w/the bronchoscope. 3. Inset a Fogarty catheter to keep pressure on the site and provide tamponade.
What is the treatment for epistaxis in a Bronchoscopy? 1. Lubricate bronchoscope. 2. Be gentle.
What is the treatment for laryngospasm/Bronchospasm in a Bronchoscopy? 1. deliver bronchodilators. 2. Use topical anesthetics (lidocaine etc,)
What are the contra-inidication when a Bronchoscopy should not be done? 1. Pt. on significant anticoagulant therapy (blood thinners). 2. Status asthmaticus. 3. Severe resp. acidosis. 4. Refractory hypoxemia. 5. Unstable hemodynamics.
What is a Thoracentesis? A procedure in which fluids are extracted from the pleural space through a large-bore needle inserted directly through the chest wall.
What are the 2 special procedures in a Thoracentesis? 1. Diagnostic and 2. Therapeutic.
What color is extracted fluids in Diagnostic Thoracentesis? 1. Extracted fluids(transudate)- should be clear/beige-colored.
Cloudy or opaque causes what in Diagnostic Thoracentesis? CHF, Empyema(fluid is called exudate).
loculated causes what in Diagnostic Thoracentesis? Thick Consistency
Bloody causes what in Diagnostic Thoracentesis? 1.Could be cancer, 2.bleeding mass 3. also known as Serosanguineous
Pruluent contains what in Diagnostic Thoracentesis? contains pus
Yellow indicates what in Diagnostic Thoracentesis? indicates infection
Mucopurulent contains what in Diagnostic Thoracentesis? contains pus and mucus.
fluid any color other than normal is called what in Diagnostic Thoracentesis? called as an exudate.
Fluid can be tested for what in Diagnostic Thoracentesis? Fluid can be tested for pH. Exudate present if pH < 7.30
What is the therapeutic consideration in Throacentesis? 1. Relieves fluid/air from the pleural space. 2. Resolved pleural effusions. 3. Helps prevent complete lung collapse. 4. May Immediately benefit ventilation/perfusion status - ease breathing. 5. Signigicantly help a hemothorax.
What are the some of the procedural consideration in Throacentesis? 1. Pt. sits up&leans forward 2.Lidocaine is used. 3.Needle is inserted7site should be of greatest fluid.A slight vaccum is maintained by subtle aspiration w/the syringe.Insertion depth correct when air can be aspirated.When needle removed site is sutured.
Created by: johnfaar
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